[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (2023)

Millions of people worldwide use Microsoft Office. It is one of the most popular and effective platforms to get things done for both professional and personal use. Microsoft Office for Mac can be an expensive necessity, whether it's in the form of an MS 365 subscription or Office 2021.

Therefore, you should consider which option you want to buy and why it should be the best choice. This article will give you an idea of ​​what your options are like on Mac and what better options are available.

Microsoft 365 for Mac

Microsoft 365 is a productivity cloud that can help you express your productivity through the right channels. It offers you apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint to use on your iMac, MacBook and Mac.

Microsoft 365 is available to its users in two options.

  • Microsoft 365 Personal

Microsoft 365 Personal is limited to one person. You can use a personal Microsoft 365 account on up to 5 devices at the same time. It adapts to all Mac devices and offers up to 1 TB of storage space.

  • Microsoft 365-Familie

The Microsoft 365 family is ideal for professional environments. It can be shared by six people at the same time and each person can access it on five devices at the same time. It also offers 1TB per person (6TB total) and is compatible with all Mac devices.


Microsoft 365 is an ideal cloud platform that is ideal for people with productivity needs. With a single subscription, you get access to productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.

These tools allow you to share, collaborate, and create content for personal and professional use. Microsoft 365 is used by millions of users around the world, making it easy to share.


A cloud-based productivity platform is the most basic need of everyone today. However, you cannot rely on every product or service you come across to be a choice for Microsoft Office for your Mac. Here are some key Microsoft 365 features to understand.

  • Microsoft 365 comes with a mix of productivity apps like Excel, OneDrive, Word, Teams, and more

  • It can be installed on any version of Mac, Android, PC and more.

  • Microsoft 365 offers 1 TB of storage for Microsoft 365 personal accounts and 6 GB of storage for Microsoft 365 family accounts.

  • It can be actively used on up to 5 devices at the same time.

To use

There's more than one reason people use Microsoft 365 for work and pleasure. There are undeniably many advantages to using this platform. These are the important things to keep in mind.

  • Easy access to your files

With Microsoft 365, you can access your files on five devices at the same time. So you can make sure nothing gets in the way of your productivity.

  • Safe storage

Microsoft 365 is an ideal platform for people who take data security seriously. It has robust security measures to ensure security threats are detected and stopped immediately.

  • Better communication

Skype and Outlook are Microsoft 365's main communication platforms to ensure you're always in touch with people.

  • Limited editions

Using Microsoft 365 services and products isn't significantly different from buying a subscription. You only have to pay once a month and you're good to go.

  • Hassle-free updates

All major apps like Word, Excel, OneDrive and more are updated automatically. You don't need to install different software to update each feature individually.


While Microsoft 365 is widely used around the world, that doesn't mean it doesn't have its downsides. Here are some disadvantages of Microsoft 365 to be aware of.

  • The subscription fee

    (Video) Goodbye Office 365

Many people are used to paying one-off costs. Keeping track of your subscriptions isn't for everyone. Because these subscriptions are registered with a card, it can be difficult to keep track of subscriptions once you no longer need the service.

  • Problems with custom software

People and businesses that use custom software internally may encounter problems when using Microsoft 365. New updates can cause many quality and integration issues for users.

out of stock

Microsoft 365 PersonalSubscriptions can cost $69.99/year or $6.99/month. You can also enjoy a one-month free trial.

Microsoft 365-FamilieSubscriptions can cost $99.99/year and $9.99/month. This plan also comes with a one-month free trial.

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Microsoft 365 is ideal for streamlining processes for businesses, businesses, schools, education and more. It can also help individuals make their lives more productive and streamline their creative processes.

How to download Microsoft 365 for Mac

Although Microsoft may not be a standard part of the Mac, one concludes that they are relatively easy to install. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with that.

  • Go to Microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/mac/microsoft-365-for-mac

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (1)

  • Choose your motivation for the purchase

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (2)

  • Choose a plan

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (3)

  • With the option selected, click Buy Now.

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (4)

  • Add your credentials

  • Login to your account

  • Enter the product key

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (5)

  • Click Install Now

Office 2021 for Mac

Office 2021 is one of the most reliable versions of Microsoft Office for Mac. It is used everywhere by people with creative and productive needs. Best of all, the Microsoft Office for Mac experience doesn't come with any confusing changes. Instead, it is valued for its low learning curve.

Of course, it has also gained popularity thanks to new coloring tools, data types, functions, translations, editing tools, and more.


Unlike Microsoft 365, Office 2021 is a one-time purchase for customers. It offers apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more for Windows and PC. However, some Microsoft 265 services may not be included in this trial.


There are many important features that make Office 2021 different from all previous versions. First, there is a new presentation recording feature in Microsoft PowerPoint, new features in Excel, and a translation feature in Google.

In addition, users can also benefit from the intelligence that assists them in searching for documents, statements and tasks. Of course, you won't miss the updated ribbon interface and color palette.

(Video) Microsoft Office 2021 für nur 5€ - geht das ?

To use

Microsoft Office for Mac and Windows is one of the most widely used communication and productivity platforms. Of course, it is the top choice for many people due to various factors including this one.

  • Lifetime License

Unlike Microsoft 365, MS Office 365 is a one-time purchase that gives you a lifetime license. Therefore, you can use it for as long as you want without worrying about ongoing subscription fees.

  • Last chance for life

Like many other platforms, Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac and Windows is shifting focus to a subscription-based approach. It is expected that Office 2021 could be the last of this series. Therefore, buying it today can be beneficial in the long run.

  • Meet every need

Programs like OneNote, Outlook, Word and Excel are ideal to meet users' daily needs. Once you have the subscription, you don't have to worry about purchasing a management setup.


Even if Office 2021 is used worldwide, that doesn't mean you have to rely on others being affected. There are a few downsides to Office 2021 that you should keep in mind before proceeding.

  • Intrusive automatic functions

Many Microsoft Office 2021 users have reported that some automatic functions of the system can be frustrating and slow down the valid processes.

  • No future updates

Since the purchase of Office 2021 is a one-time test phase, it makes no sense to count on updates. The updates may only be available if you purchase a new suite.

  • Confusing features

Many Office 2021 users agree that some features are still hard to find even after months of use. This problem has caused frustration for many people and organizations.

out of stock

MS Office 2021 is a one-time purchase. So you can expect it to be a bit more expensive than Microsoft 365 monthly subscriptions. Office 2021 is a one-time purchase of $159.99.

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If you want to continue to meet your productive and creative needs for years to come, Office 2021 is an ideal option. This feature can be purchased with a one-time payment and does not require a high-speed internet connection to operate continuously.

Download Office 2021

Millions of people download and use Office 2021 every day. As user-friendly as it is, Office 2021 is also easy to download. Here are a few effective steps that can help you download your Office 2021 efficiently.

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (6)

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (7)

  • On the home page, click Install.

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (8)

  • Click on "I have a key" in the drop-down menu and enter it

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (9)

(Video) Office 2021 vs 365: Was ist besser? Wo sind die Unterschiede?

  • Add your product key

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (10)

  • In the pop-up window, select your preferred language and click "Install".

  • Wait for the download and then run the .exe file

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (11)

  • Click the close button when a successful signifier is displayed

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (12)

Differences between Microsoft 365 and Office 2021

Any savvy shopper wants to make sure they are making the best decisions based on the options available. The best way to make the best choice is to compare all options side by side.

Microsoft 365

Office 2021


Monthly/Annual Subscription

one-time payment


Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, OneDrive, Publisher, Exchange, Access, Yammer, Stream, Sway, Planner, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, My Analytics, To-Do und Teams

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote und Teams


Functional updates, quality checks and other important updates

No further updates are expected before 2026


All editing features are available on any device

Only shows features on tablets and phones

Should I get Microsoft 365 or Office 2021 for Mac?

There are many features in Microsoft 365 and Office 2021 that might confuse a potential buyer. Finally, when it comes to competition, there are many options to consider. While there are many other concerns to worry about, you might agree that one of the biggest concerns is price.

Regardless of whether you choose Microsoft 365 or Office 2021, you pay a monthly/annual subscription or a one-time subscription. In such circumstances, it is best to look for free and reliable options like WPS office.

WPS Office is an ideal alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows. The best part is that it is free to download and easy to use.

Best Alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac – WPS Office

WPS officeis an ideal alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows. The best part is that it is free to download and easy to use.


WPS Office software has more than 1.2 billion installations worldwide. There are many reasons why so many people make this choice, including cost-effectiveness and compatibility with other Microsoft Office products for Mac and Windows.

Free downloads

1. Features

Here are some great features of WPS Office to consider.

  • You can freely access WPS on any device

  • WPS Office is beginner-friendly

  • You can optimize your productivity and creativity

2. Compatibility

People who think about Microsoft Office for Mac often face a number of challenges that are difficult to overcome. However, WPS Office is compatible with Linux, iOS, Android and all Windows versions.

So you can easily edit and save Microsoft files with WPS.

  • Open WPS Office and go to the "Open" tab.

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (13)

  • Select the file you want

    (Video) Microsoft 365 Copilot in Excel

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (14)

  • Edit it to your liking

  • Save the file as desired

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (15)

out of stock

WPS Office is free to use for all users.

To use

There's more than one reason millions of people around the world use WPS. Here are some undeniable benefits of using WPS Office for everyday use.

  • Frei

  • Ad-free experience

  • Hassle-free online use

  • User friendly

  • Easy learning curve

frequently asked Questions

If you've been using Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows, switching to other options can be difficult. In such circumstances, answers to some frequently asked questions may be helpful.

Is Microsoft Office on Mac free?

Unfortunately, there is no free option for Microsoft Office for Mac users. However, you can let your creativity run free and use Outlook for free. However, you may not be able to use the other features of the Microsoft Office suite.

How do I activate Office on my Mac?

Activating Microsoft Office for Mac can be a bit tricky. However, you can follow the next steps to activate Office on your Mac.

  • Open your Finder

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (16)

  • Go to Applications and scroll down to Microsoft Office apps

  • Open any Office app (Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (17)

  • Select "Get Started".

  • Log in to the "active office screen" to log in

[Updated 2023] Guide to Using Microsoft Office 2021 & 365 for Mac | WPS Office Blog (18)

Use WPS as an ideal alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac

This article takes an in-depth look at using Microsoft Office, be it Microsoft 365 or Office 2021. While both options have their features and benefits, you can get the best services for free.

Millions of people around the world are already using itWPSto make tedious tasks easier and increase productivity in personal and professional life. It's an ideal place to create presentations, documents, spreadsheets and more on the go.

Free downloads

(Video) How to Install and Run Microsoft Office on Linux Ubuntu (2023 Tutorial)


What are the changes to Microsoft 365 2023? ›

Changes to cloud storage

Starting February 1, 2023, cloud storage used across Microsoft 365 apps and services will include Outlook.com attachments data and OneDrive data. All data will continue to be protected with Microsoft's comprehensive set of security features.

How to use Microsoft Office 365 effectively? ›

Top 10 Office 365 Productivity Tips
  1. Use “Tell Me” ...
  2. Use Focused Inbox. ...
  3. Perfect Your Presentation With Templafy. ...
  4. Organize Notes With OneNote. ...
  5. Use Smart Lookup. ...
  6. Recall Sent Messages. ...
  7. Use SharePoint to Store and Reference Documents. ...
  8. Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts.

What are the system requirements for Office 365 Mac OS? ›

macOS: 4 GB RAM. Hard disk Windows: 4.0 GB of available disk space. macOS: 10 GB of available disk space. HFS+ hard disk format (also known as macOS Extended) or APFS.

Which Office 365 you can start creating on your PC or Mac? ›

You can purchase Microsoft 365 subscriptions for both Mac and Windows. Office Home & Business 2021 and Office Home & Student 2021 are also available for Mac as a one-time purchase.

Does Office 365 need to be renewed every year? ›

Yes, Office 365 does expire if you don't renew your subscription. If you don't renew your subscription, you will lose access to all the Office apps and services that are included in your subscription. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.

Is Office 365 being phased out? ›

Is Office going away entirely? No, as part of Microsoft 365 you will continue to get access to apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. We will also continue to offer one-time purchases of those apps to consumers and businesses via Office 2021 and Office LTSC plans.

What are the pros and cons of Office 365? ›

What Are the Pros and Cons of Office 365?
  • Pro: Office 365 Allows Workers to Access Documents and Email from Anywhere. ...
  • Con: Online Applications May Have Limited Features. ...
  • Pro: Cloud-hosted Applications Save Your IT Team Time with Troubleshooting and Updates.

How long does it take to learn Office 365? ›

With each program in Office 365 taking two to three days of professional training to master, an individual could learn the whole of Office 365 in less than one month. Without professional instruction, learning Office 365 could take anywhere from a few to several months.

How do I teach myself Microsoft Office? ›

How to learn Microsoft Office
  1. Download Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Suite containing all its apps and resources comes pre-installed on some devices. ...
  2. Choose a training program. You can use various resources to learn how to use Microsoft Office programs. ...
  3. Practise what you learned.
Sep 30, 2022

Is my Mac too old for Office 365? ›

Upgrading your operating system to macOS Big Sur 11 or later will allow Office updates to be delivered for your apps. Note that new installs of Microsoft 365 for Mac also requires macOS Big Sur 11 or later. The October 2022 update (16.66) is the last build to support macOS Catalina 10.15.

Is there a difference between Office 365 for Mac and PC? ›

One of the main differences between using Office for Mac versus a Windows computer is that the File menu is located on the application toolbar at the top of the screen. Depending on which application you are using, the File menu options change accordingly.

Is Office 365 different for Mac? ›

Microsoft 365 or Office suite

You can use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on your iMac, MacBook, or MacBook Mini. You just have to buy this software separately, because it's not included with a Mac by default.

Do I need to uninstall old Office before installing Office 365 Mac? ›

Before you Install Office 365

You need to uninstall any previous versions of Microsoft Office including 2007, 2010, 2013, and/or 2016. If you do not uninstall previous versions of Microsoft Office and you install Office 365 your computer will not run any program of Office 365 properly.

What's the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365? ›

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and more. Microsoft 365 is a bundle of services including Office 365, plus several other services including Windows 10 Enterprise.

Does Office work well on Mac? ›

You can run Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on a Mac (and on your iPad or iPhone). But it's not a simple case of installing the application you need and starting to type. You need to choose whether to sign up to a subscription or buy the full version outright.

Can I still use Word after Office 365 expires? ›

Admins and users no longer have access to the services or Microsoft 365 apps that came with the subscription. All customer data—from user data to documents and email—is permanently deleted and is unrecoverable.

How Long Will Office 365 work after subscription expires? ›

1-30 days after subscription ends: Expired

Administrators can access all functions from the Office 365 admin center portal, including assigning licenses to new or existing employees. If the firm plans to depart Office 365, data may be backed up.

Is there a lifetime license for Office 365? ›

Microsoft Office Professional 2021 lifetime license: $30

It's available for both Mac and Windows, so be sure to grab the right one for the computer that you use regularly. If you're looking for productivity tools, it's difficult to match the Microsoft Office suite of apps.

Is Microsoft doing away with Office? ›

Even though most things are changing to Microsoft 365, Office is not going away entirely. Existing Office 365 subscription plans will be unaffected. And we'll continue to offer one-time purchase options, such as Office 2021, and Office LTSC plans.

What version of Microsoft Office is completely free? ›

Microsoft 365 for the web is a free version of Microsoft 365 that you can use in a web browser. All you need is to sign up for a Microsoft account with a new or existing email address. Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more for free on the web.

What are three concerns or drawbacks while using Office 365? ›

Disadvantages of Office 365
  • Subscriptions aren't for everyone. You don't have to pay out one-time costs, but you do have to pay every month. ...
  • Compatibility issues with bespoke systems. ...
  • Constant updates mean constant changes. ...
  • Most people only use 20% of the functionality. ...
  • You don't actually own the software.

What are the issues with Office 365? ›

Common Problems with Microsoft Office 365
  • Subscription-based.
  • Complicated configuration.
  • Possible security concerns.
  • Learning curve.
  • Perceived downtime issues.

Why should I pay for Office 365? ›

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that ensures you always have the most up-to-date Office apps from Microsoft. With Microsoft 365 Family, you can install Microsoft 365 on all your devices and sign in to five at the same time―that means you can use Office no matter where you are or what device you're on.

Is it hard to learn Office 365? ›

Office 365 is a robust suite of productivity programs with many features. While the basics of Office 365 are easy to learn, advanced features will likely elude most self-learners. Without instruction, some people never realize all the powerful tools Office 365 has available.

What should I learn in Office 365? ›

Microsoft 365 Training
  • Outlook.
  • OneDrive.
  • Word.
  • Excel.
  • PowerPoint.
  • OneNote.
  • SharePoint.
  • Yammer.

How can I practice Office 365 for free? ›

Microsoft Office 365 Training Center

The Office 365 Training Center provides you everything to start with. You can watch video tutorials in The Training Center for Microsoft Office 365.

Which version of MS Office is best for beginners? ›

Microsoft 365 is the best option since you can install the apps on every supported device (Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and macOS). It is also the only option that provides continuous updates at a low cost of ownership.

What is the newest version of Office? ›

Office 2021 is the standalone iteration of Microsoft's flagship productivity suite. It includes the three core Office applications, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in addition to other tools that vary from one edition to another. The Office 2021 license is perpetual.

Can you teach yourself Microsoft Word? ›

Even experienced users can learn new tricks and save time with powerful tools like advanced styles and templates. When it comes to Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, many of us are self-taught.

How long before Mac becomes obsolete? ›

Apple considers MacBooks obsolete when they are between five and seven years old. It considers them to be vintage when they are older than seven years. For a complete list of obsolete and vintage devices, see here.

How long before a Mac is obsolete? ›

Obsolete products are those that have been discontinued for at least seven years, and Apple does not provide any hardware service for these products.

How many years do Apple MacBooks last? ›

So, in answer to the question: How long do Macs last? We'd say five to eight years, but beware that you may not be able to replace any faulty parts in a Mac when more than five years has passed since Apple last sold it. Before you buy a new Mac, read our article about the best time to buy a Mac or MacBook.

Which is better Office on Mac or Windows? ›

Microsoft Office Versions

Outside of the interface differences, you will notice that Mac Office doesn't have all of the apps that the PC version has. And, some of the visual basic functions are missing in Mac. Mac does have a better layout look for more of the publishing aspects. Only Word for PC has that feature.

Is Mac Office same as Microsoft Office? ›

Fun fact: There's a version of Microsoft Office written just for Mac. So you can use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a Mac just like on a PC. macOS also provides built-in support for the latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server.

What is better for the Office Mac or PC? ›

Microsoft Office Documents: Although Mac computers can run Microsoft Office through Microsoft Office for Mac or virtual desktops like Parallels, PC computers are generally considered to be more compatible with Microsoft Office.

Do I need to buy Word for my Mac? ›

Do you have to pay for Word on Mac? Yes, you need a Microsoft 365 subscription or one-time purchase of Office 2021 to use Microsoft Word on your Mac.

Do I need Microsoft 365 to use Excel on Mac? ›

The Office apps available from the Mac App Store provide the very latest version of Office on the Mac. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook require a Microsoft 365 subscription to activate.

What is Microsoft Office called in Mac? ›

Do your best work with productivity apps in Microsoft 365—anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Should I delete old Microsoft Office before installing new? ›

We recommend that you uninstall any previous versions of Office, including Visio and Project, before installing the newer version. But, in a few cases, such as for application compatibility testing, you might need to keep a previous version installed for a limited time while you transition to the new version.

Will I lose my documents if I upgrade Microsoft Office? ›

Upgrade recommendations

If you uninstall Office before installing the new version, your Office files won't be deleted, but if your version of Office includes Outlook you may want to back up your Outlook data files.

How is Office 365 different from previous versions of Office? ›

How is Office 365 different from previous versions of Office? Office 365 is a subscription-based service, meaning rather than buying a copy of the suite outright for a one-time, up-front cost, users instead pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service at a level of their choosing.

Which of the following apps is not included in Office 365? ›

The correct answer is MS-Paint. ​MS-Paint is not a component of MS Office 365.

How can I use Microsoft Word without subscription? ›

Microsoft makes a free version of Microsoft Word available for anyone to use on the web. You have to register a Microsoft account, but that's free too. As the app works entirely inside a web browser, you can access it from any computer, and your files are always synced and saved in the cloud.

Is it better to buy Office 365? ›

A Microsoft 365 subscription unlocks access to the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more across the web, mobile, and desktop. It also guarantees updates to the latest versions of the apps as they release, unlike with a standalone copy of Office.

What does Mac use instead of word? ›

iWork Suite

Included with your Mac is the iWork suite: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. These are Apple's own alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Pages, for instance, is one of the best Word alternatives for Mac. As these are Mac-centric apps, the UI is quite different.

Is there a free version of Office for Mac? ›

Microsoft offers completely free versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all of which you access online at its Microsoft 365 hub. You'll need a Microsoft account, but these are free and you may find that you already have a Hotmail or Outlook account that you created a while back.

Is MacBook Air good enough for Office work? ›

The best Mac laptop for most people is the 13-inch MacBook Air with Apple's M1 processor. It's more than fast enough for browsing, working on documents, and making light photo and video edits, and it has an excellent high-resolution screen, a great trackpad, a totally silent fanless design, and a reasonable price.

Is Microsoft coming out with anything new in 2023? ›

We do hope to see colorful models for the Surface Pro 10 with 5G, and maybe options for more RAM and storage in line with the Wi-Fi model. The Surface Pro 10 will likely launch in the fall of 2023, roughly one year after the Surface Pro 9, so we'll see then if it can live up to our expectations.

What is new in Office 2023? ›

Microsoft 365 app coming in January 2023

The Office mobile app (the 'all in one' app) is being changed and renamed to become the “Microsoft 365 app”. So far, Microsoft has been big on hype for the 'new' app but little substance beyond the standard platitudes.

What are the changes in Microsoft January 2023? ›

On January 9, 2023, Microsoft enhanced the capabilities of detecting and notifying Azure fraud alerts. Partners will be able to register a new webhook, azure-fraud-event-detected, in Partner Center webhook events. The Partner Center webhook APIs allow partners to register for resource change events.

What are the new features of Microsoft 365? ›

New Features From Microsoft Office 365
  • Better Storage & Security On OneDrive. Kicking off our list is the improved storage security on OneDrive. ...
  • Real-Time Collaboration With Partners And Colleagues. ...
  • Create Data Maps With Power Map. ...
  • Manage Workflows With Microsoft Planner. ...
  • Our Closing Thoughts On Microsoft Teams Office 365.
Jan 24, 2023

Will Microsoft Office 2013 reach end of support in April 2023? ›

Support for Office 2013 ended on April 11, 2023 and there will be no extension and no extended security updates. All of your Office 2013 apps will continue to function. However, you could expose yourself to serious and potentially harmful security risks.

What is the future version of Microsoft Office? ›

Microsoft Office 2021 (Third perpetual release of Office 16) is a version of the Microsoft Office suite of applications for the Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems.

Will people return to office in 2023? ›

Such trends show that the forced return to the office may reverse in the next few months. In short, it's likely that 2023 will see a slight expansion of employees working remotely. These findings suggest that most companies are finding their hybrid workplace policy to be a successful solution for their organization.

How much is Microsoft Office 2023? ›

Early in 2023, Microsoft announced an even cheaper option, Microsoft 365 Basic(Opens in a new window), which gets you 100GB of OneDrive storage and includes only the web and mobile versions of the apps, but it costs just $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

What is the new Excel update 2023? ›

Welcome to the March 2023 update. This month, we are excited to announce several new features across web, Windows, and Mac. For web users, speed up large workbooks with Check Performance, insert and edit formulas with Formula Argument Assistance, and enhance your query organization with Drag & Drop in Queries Pane.

Is January 10 2023 the last day Microsoft will offer? ›

As a reminder, Windows 8.1 has reached end of support on January 10, 2023.

Which Microsoft products are ending support in 2023? ›

End of Servicing
ProductEnd of Servicing
Windows 10 Enterprise and Education, Version 20H2 Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Version 20H2May 9, 2023
Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Version 2111June 1, 2023
Windows 10 Home and Pro, Version 21H2June 13, 2023
5 more rows
Apr 10, 2023

What is the Excel update January 2023? ›

Welcome to the January 2023 update. This month we are excited to announce the release of PivotTable show details to Excel for the web and the ability to automate your tasks with the Power Automate tab in Excel for Windows and Mac.

What is the current version of Word for Mac? ›

What is the latest version of Office for Mac? If you buy the software outright the latest version is Office 2021.

What is the three most popular features of Microsoft Office? ›

10 Microsoft Office Features You Will Love
  • Share Large Files As A URL. ...
  • Helpful Versioning. ...
  • Smart Lookup. ...
  • Outlook Groups. ...
  • New Charts In Microsoft. ...
  • One-Click Forecasting. ...
  • Skype Integration. ...
  • Cross-Device Compatibility. When collaborating, it's essential that you have strong cross-device support.
Feb 15, 2018

What are the basics of Office 365? ›

Microsoft 365 is a set of apps for your productivity and protection needs and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Editor, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Clipchamp, and so much more.


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