rubbish in a sentence | 99+ sample sentences (2023)

1.TrashWe are fed local customs and dishes as we stumble

2. There was aTrashBag with some dead roses in it

3. No holiday memories, names of girlfriends, football teams and others.Trash

4. I don't believe in everything eitherTrashpropagated by modern cults that there is a balance between good and evil in the universe

5. Between them they abused the two banditsTrashLaden threw it in and closed the door, using a discarded metal bar nearby to hold the door in place.

6. Do we have to see this?Trash?

7. "Well, his father is just protective," he told himself as he rescued a single red rose from the house.Trash, "but whatever, she'll be mine"

8. Yes, boy, when I was twelve I hadTrash, but once he started wearing those magic shin guards, well, the world was pretty much his oyster.

9. I amTrashI just can't understand the chemistry.

10Trash, but when he started wearing those magic shin guards, well,

11. I thought it would be too oldTrashback then, but looking back I can see what he meant

12. "Perhaps they dragged aTrashbag for some reason

13. A bank statement, looks like somethingTrashOffers me credit cards, which I don't want, and a letter to Jo

14. After a few months and a TitanicTrashWhen a lot of nonsense and stupidity disappeared from my mind and heart, he finally said that he would marry me.

15. "Just what Lemoss needs to bringTrash

16. almost manyTrash

17. He took a cart with all kindsTrash,

18. Later, she heard from the maids that she had been thrown into theTrashcontainer

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19. dieTrashThe garbage cans he cleaned out every week were crooked in the floating debris.Trashand broken glass

20. We had consolidated and almost cleared the ditchTrashout of it and the Turkish corpses left behind

21 back with the rest of the weekTrash


23. ? so what is it about? both spokeTrash

24. "In the kitchenTrashvery

25. Children's land in theTrashstack and knew he was alive

26. What were you thinking when you sang this?Trash?”

27. “That's how it is.Trash! Don't try to flatter me and apologize

28. He also made a point of placing the unlit match in the water before entering the water.Trash, just as someone named Minnie, his daughter, he thought, had told him

29. Wonderful as it sounds in theory, it is completeTrashin the common streets

30. The mighty stump, with its buttresses and gnarled roots, was set ablaze, and as darkness fell over the capital, the fetish houses and mounds burned.TrashWith the black bodies of the summoned moving to and fro, tearing down walls and pouring fresh fuel into the burning piles, a strange and haunting scene was formed that will long remain etched in the minds of those who witnessed it.

31. The public square became a temporary Gehenna, and tons of filth andTrashdestroyed there

32. It looks really impressive to the untrained eye, but it absolutely is.Trashin the sense that it is completely unnecessary information

33. I had just printed the volumes on paper when she took them off the printer and sat in the lounge chair and began to read, I think, a lot.Trash

34. "And you believed all thatTrash?- I asked incredulously

35. Uncle Hobart surveyed the mess the crowd made of his prized tractor, now covered in all sorts of things.Trashand disgusting slime

36. “You really look great.TrashHe continued, clicking on a can.

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37. “Do you worry that a child could fall into one and injure another?Trash

38. He made it seem too simple for my taste, and as I studied the stacks ofTrashagain an illness stirred my stomach

39. “Just wrap it up, man, and throw it away.Trash, You do not know

40. They were covered in railings, but sometimes one of the kids who lived in the Blue would rip one off and drop it.TrashDownstairs he fled when the alarm went off

41. The front yard was overgrown with weeds andTrashand the path was full of cracks and more wild plants

42. It would be cruel and totally unworthy of me.Trashthe westminster confession

43. "Yo, I was a princess, you know? But that's allTrashNow

44. If you do one of the unskilled jobs, you can pay for it in thirty or thirty-five years, as long as you live and eat in the slums.Trashvery

45. All types ofTrashhad been washed away in the last five days of stormy weather

46. ​​​​Why do people continue to abuse the beautiful environment that Mother Nature gives us? Plastic and glass bottles, plastic and wooden boxes, old fishing nets, beverage cans, plastic bags and household bagsTrash

47. What happened to the garbage cans and garbage collection? I don't think there will ever be enough of either, or don't people know that? Larry, my Hawaiian surfer friend, tells me most of theTrashsinks off the coast of Indonesia and arrives here with the tide

48.” She threw Angie's apple and item across the room.Trashcontainer

49. Will they make sacrifices? Will they end in one day? Will the stones in the heaps come to life?TrashWhich ones are burned? 3

50Trash; so we can't build the wall

51. The trash can was nearly full and it was hard to see past the Styrofoam containers, soggy newspaper pages, and whatnot.Trashstuffed inside

52. He picked up a container with thumb and forefinger and pushed it aside, then pushed a few more pieces.Trashdistant

53. On Sunday night, Manda walked around the apartment and emptied theTrashGarbage cans that Sierra used to make happy, except for one scrapTrashstarted to fall to the ground

54. Derek, holding what was left of him, slid down the slope towards a hillTrash... a huge pile ofTrashthat was runcorn

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55. Wolf: “You don't expect me to believe that.Trash, You? There's no way a lazy lion with big claws can fix a complicated TV."

56. Sitting in the air conditioning, typing abcd, complaining about the cafeteria food.WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

57. A Clean DogTrashlots in the metropolis

58. 17 their corpses were likeTrashthrow it in the middle of the street

59. It's also a great way to get rid of a lot of household stuff.Trash, I just can't admit it, so you have to act like you've never heard it from me.

60. Light a pileTrash, David

61. Dragged through the streets, often bleeding from the mouth and nose and treated with great pleasure.Trash

62. This hell was full ofTrashY

63. I went in and found the floor full ofTrashand guinea corpses

64. and wings, andTrashwas thrown to them instead of food, demonstrating the need

65. Temporary circumstances of drunkenness that theTrashThe collection will be instructed

66. Late at night, top floor, empty tables and chairs,TrashHe screwed up and it didn't go to waste

67. Are you an actress or something? I asked, but I suddenly thought that if it was her, it was her.Trashbecause I saw from the beginning that it wasn't right between them

68. Useless possessions can start cycling through different possessions instead of going straight to the road.Trashto supply

69. Consider all thingsTrashhave it whole

70. I look at herTrashgain Christ (9) and be found in him, not having my own righteousness which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God and through faith

71. There is some cheap furniture, some pictures, a lotTrashin the attic and that's it

72. The chickens gathered in a small open space and clucked in anticipation as Zach pushed a bucket through the maze ofTrash

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73. The place was full of scarecrow activity: some were cleaningTrashOthers were busy hammering away at pieces of wood while the rest gathered in the plunge pool, where they filled wooden buckets with the cloudy green liquid.

74. The courtyard was completely cleared.Trash, and paved with bright cobblestones

75. It must have been hidden under theTrash, and was only visible now after the courtyard was magically cleared.

76. "Yes, well... I'm afraid so."Trashon this

77. I had to help anyone who asked; Stage manager, director, wardrobe, notice, set building, fetching food, ironing, sound effects, electricity, working chase scene, opening and closing curtain, tidying upTrashbehind the scenes, delivering messages, going out for a smoke, calling the actors... My job was everything and nothing.

78. Tidy Victorian facades gave way to ramshackle apartment buildings, treeless cul-de-sacs, dingy row houses, and streets full of snot and rot.Trash

79. “So tell me, assure me, this is what I thinkTrash

80. Streets that have been so congested for yearsTrashthere was only room to walk single file through the waist-deep stench

81. Rory probably burned herTrash

82. He pushed Jane out of the way as if it were his own.Trashnext to a corner

83. Must beTrashbecause she throws away

84. goutTrashand the pollution of air, soil and water courses is really disgusting

85. After dropping the bagTrashThey were standing silently at the garbage can set up among the trees a few yards from the road when five young men in motorcycle overalls stumbled noisily past.

86. Someone has to delete thisTrashand fix things

87. "It's just a little old stuff," he said, "but if you can find a use for it, it's a little lessTrashbury in the ground

88.TrashTime, of course, but I couldn't help it.

89. The average game lasted about ten minutes and the loser of that game had to drawTrash

90. Instead, be upfront and honest about it if you don't want to talk about it right away, and then just say so (make it nice for God's sake), that is, if you just want 5 minutes to yourself, or if you have a bad headache or you are workingTrashthis day

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91. I just put the plastic in the roomTrashand I was washing a fork and knife when Patricia left the room

92. they are messy; they goTrashin its wake; but all this points to a character far removed from the teacher's spirit

93. There was a wall ten meters ahead of him, and that was it, noTrashnot a trash can in sight


What is a good sentence for rubbish? ›

Please, pick the rubbish up off the ground. I think what he says is absolute rubbish! “I'm sorry, but I had to do it.” “Rubbish!” The food at that restaurant is complete rubbish.

What are examples of rubbish? ›

Garbage is mostly decomposable food waste; rubbish is mostly dry material such as glass, paper, cloth, or wood. Garbage is highly putrescible or decomposable, whereas rubbish is not. Trash is rubbish that includes bulky items such as old refrigerators, couches, or large tree stumps.…

What is a simple sentence 5 examples? ›

Simple Sentences

Examples of simple sentences include the following: Joe waited for the train. The train was late. Mary and Samantha took the bus.

How do you use utter rubbish in a sentence? ›

Examples of utter rubbish

Some of the losses we have seen can be understood, but that statement was utter rubbish. My only comment is that that is utter rubbish.

What is the meaning and sentence of rubbish? ›

waste material or things that are no longer wanted or needed: I forgot to put the rubbish out this morning. Put the empty box in the rubbish bin. Take the old furniture to the rubbish dump.


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