Resolved OneDrive Update Files Stuck (2023)

Stuck on OneDrive and updating files?

OneDrive updates files and crashes

OneDrive has been stuck on "OneDrive is updating files..." for the past few days as shown in the screenshot below. I reinstalled it and it synced things up for a while but then stuck on this message again. As you can see in the screenshot, the last item was synced on the 28th, one day after reinstalling the program. What do I have to do?

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If you get stuck on OneDrive for a few days, the file situation is updating, and OneDrive is really not updating, here are some reasons to help you fix the problem and provide 9 ways to fix it.OneDrive is always processing changeso OneDrive continues to update the files.

6 Causes OneDrive Keeps Updating Files Forever in Windows 10/11

There are some causes for OneDrive stuck on updating files:

  • Invalid characters or namesin the file name or file path.

  • The file is being used by other applications..

  • bad network connection.

  • the loadedThe file size is too big.

  • running aPrevious version of OneDrive.

  • OneDrive is fulland you don't have enough cloud storage to store files.

Sometimes you may encounter related issues like:OneDrive says up to date but it's not, OneDrive updated but pending sync, etc. Now follow the below solutions to fix OneDrive update files.

11 Easy Ways to Fix OneDrive Update Problem

Here are 11 proven solutions for you to solve this annoying issue and the detailed steps are given below. Read on to fix OneDrive crashing issues while preparing to upload.

Path 1. Check if you have a long file path or invalid characters

OneDrive can only sync files and folders where the file name (folder name) or file path (folder path) does not exceed 400 characters. If the file or folder exceeds the limit, your OneDrive will get stuck updating the files.

So shorten the file name (folder name) and file path (folder path) to update OneDrive files on the website.

(Video) How to Fix OneDrive Stuck on "Processing Changes" (100% WORKS!)

Also, you need to check for invalid characters and invalid names in the OneDrive file name and folder name because invalid characters and invalid names prevent OneDrive from updating the files.

  • invalid characters:

OneDrive for Homedoes not support:" * : < > ? / \ |(plus leading and trailing spaces)

OneDrive for work or schooldoes not support:~ " # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }.(plus leading and trailing spaces)

  • invalid names:

.lock, CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM0-COM9, LPT0-LPT9, _vti_, desktop.ini,and all filenames starting with~$.

Way 2. Check hidden files

Sometimes there might be some unknown files that you don't know about and hidden or temporary files can do that.Stop syncing OneDrive, just delete them and try again.

Way 3. Close all other applications

Sometimes the OneDrive sync process hangs on OneDrive update files, especially when other apps are using the file or folder OneDrive is syncing and the file or folder is locked and cannot be synced with OneDrive. To resolve this issue, just close all apps that might be using OneDrive files.

Way 4. Check the file size limit

Individual file size is limited to 250GB for OneDrive. If you upload the file beyond the limit, OneDrive will stop syncing the files with the OneDrive server and you just need to delete the file from the OneDrive folder and save it somewhere else for security reasons.

Mode 5. Wait or Pause and Resume Sync

When you sync a large file to OneDrive or sync a lot of new files to OneDrive, OneDrive takes a long time to syncWait for the OneDrive sync process to finish.

or you couldPause OneDrive sync and resume syncto restart the OneDrive sync engine to re-sync all your files.

1. Click noOneDrive symbolon the taskbar or menu bar and selecthelp and settings>stop syncingand select 2 hours, 4 hours or 24 hours to stop the sync process.

2. Then goOneDrive Help & Settings>keep syncingto reopen OneDrive sync mechanism and all files should sync after a while.

Now OneDrive will not update the files that should be repaired.

Path 6. Temporarily disable antivirus, proxy or firewall software

To check if this is network related, temporarily disable your antivirus, proxy, and firewall to see if the OneDrive sync process completed. Or you have to go the following way.

Way 7. Update OneDrive to the latest version

It's possible that you're running an older version of OneDrive to sync your files and folders, and it's possible that bugs in the older version are preventing your files and folders from syncing correctly. So it is highly recommended to try updating OneDrive and you can sync files with the latest version of OneDrive and the errors should be fixed with the latest version of OneDrive and you can check if OneDrive has fixed the updated files.

(Video) How to fix OneDrive is stuck on sync pending

Download the latest versionOneDrive-Desktop-Appand double click onOneDriveSetup.exeoOneDrive.packageto install your OneDrive on Windows or Mac.

Way 8. Change Bandwidth Settings

Make sure you don't throttle the OneDrive sync app's upload and download speed. Follow the steps to check:

1. SelectOneDrive symbol>help and settings>Ideas>red.

2. Then checkin the limitsoptions for bothdischarge rateYupload fee.

If you previously limited download speed and upload speed, you will see that OneDrive now updates files after changing bandwidth settings. All OneDrive files will sync to OneDrive after a while.

Way 9. Reset/Reset OneDrive

Reset OneDriveSometimes it resolves OneDrive sync issues, resets all OneDrive settings, and performs a full sync to OneDrive.

Restore/Restart OneDrive on Windows

tightenwin + RKeyboard shortcut to openRundialog box, copy and paste one of the following and pressProhibited.

  • %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

  • C:\Programa (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

Then open OneDrive manually.

Now the update files stuck in OneDrive should be fixed.

Reset OneDrive on Mac

1. Select theOneDrive symbolin the top tray and selectIdeas>Sign out of OneDrive.

2. Encountera walkthat backFormschainer.

3. Right clicka walkand selectShow package contents.

4. Navigate toSatisfied>resourceschainer.

5. Double clickResetOneDriveApp command.oResetOneDriveAppStandalone.command.

(Video) Onedrive Stuck On Processing Changes - Fix - 2022

6. Launch OneDrive manually and configure the OneDrive sync process.

Way 10. Check OneDriveCloud storage space

You may encounter complete OneDrive issue when crash and update files on OneDrive. As you know, OneDrive only provides 5GB of free cloud storage for users. Free cloud storage fills up quickly as you build itOneDrive Automatic BackupComputer files.

1. TocaOneDrive symbolon the taskbar or menu bar and selecthelp and settings>Ideas.

2. Select theAccounttab, you will see the OneDrive cloud usage details.

If you find OneDrive update files stuck due to OneDrive complete issue, there are two ways to get more OneDrive cloud storage including unlimited storage space:

  • Upgrade OneDrive planon standalone OneDrive 100 GB for $1.9 per month or other OneDrive plans or Microsoft 365 plans etc.

  • Boost OneDrive cloud storage for freeVonCombine multiple OneDrive accountsto a blended cloud if you don't want to upgrade now.

To get more OneDrive cloud storage, now we will show you the second way with detailed steps.

Boost OneDrive cloud storage for free

I recommend trying thisfree cloud backup serviceCBackup, which helps you merge multiple OneDrive accounts to increase OneDrive cloud storage, and you can even get 100GB free cloud storageunlimited cloud storage.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP

secure download

to use- Make sure you are signed in to your OneDrive account before increasing OneDrive storage or you will be asked to sign in in step 2.

Here are the steps to boost OneDrive cloud storage for free with CBackup:

1.PleaseCreate a new backup accountand log in to the CBackup desktop application.

2. Select thestoreon the left and then selecta walkand clickauthorize now. Then give CBackup permission to access the OneDrive files.

(Video) Fix OneDrive Syncing Issues

3. Edit OneDrive settings such ascloud nameYstorage path, marchto useoption and clickACCORDINGLY.

Tips:Repeat the above process to add your other OneDrive accounts to CBackup. And you can also add other clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. The number of clouds to add is unlimited.

4. Soldierstoretab, select+ Add blended cloud.

5. Change theCombined cloud name, highlight the OneDrive accounts you added earlier and clickNext, use the up or down triangle to set the order in which backup files are saved, and clickTo combine.

Until now, OneDrive cloud storage has been increased for free with simple clicks. And you can backup files to OneDrive internal storage by clicking on itfuse>sichern combo cloud pc. And then you can prevent OneDrive from updating files.

Way 11. Best way to sync files with OneDrive

If you still can't fix it, try CBackup to sync files to OneDrive easily to prevent OneDrive from updating files forever in Windows 10, and here are the steps to sync files to OneDrive with CBackup:

1. Make sure you have added your OneDrive to CBackup and select itSynchronize>Sync PC with public cloudan order.

2. Select the files on your computer that you want to sync and choose a OneDrive folder as the destination.

3. (Optional) TrefferIdeasbottom left corner and clickplainto enable OneDrive schedule sync.

4. Press the buttonstart to syncButton to automatically sync files with OneDrive and avoid OneDrive file update issues.

In addition, CBackup offers the following benefits:
Back up files to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Driveluz.
Combined Cloud File Backup CBackup Cloud.
Cloud-zu-Cloud-Backuphelps you backup files from one cloud to another easily and you can use Version Cleanup to manage your backup versions.
Cloud to cloud syncallows you to transfer files directly from one cloud to another without downloading and uploading. It is very useful especially when you want to change cloud drives.
Supports multiple OneDrive accounts, personal OneDrive accounts, OneDrive business accounts, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
10 GB freeCBackup Cloud Cloud Storage Space (up to 5TB).

the epilogue

OneDrive updates the files but crashes for a few days. How can I fix the problem? There are 11 easy ways you can use to resolve OneDrive file update issues. Just find the right one to solve this problem easily. When OneDrive is full, you can use CBackup to get more free cloud storage simply by combining multiple OneDrive accounts. Also, if you find yourselfOneDrive-Fehler 0x8004de40, CBackup also helps you to securely backup files to OneDrive.


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