No Man's Sky: Monolith Puzzles Solved and Answers (2023)

Nono man's skyIn addition to various planets and aliens, there are relics to explore. Monoliths are a type of relic, a mysterious procedurally generated structure that contains three stones of knowledge. This guide describes all the answers and their consequences for choosing the option.

No Man's Sky: Monolith Puzzles Solved and Answers (1)

Solved monolith riddles and answers

You can locate monoliths using your signal scanner. Interacting with these relics will open a dialog with a list of responses. Choosing the correct answer based on the Monolith's hints will result in a reward. These rewards include a new word, blueprint, or better standing with an alien race. Here are all the monoliths we've found so far and their answers.

If there is a top answer, only one will be included. If there are multiple hits, all hits and responses are listed.


monolith 1

I'm inspecting the surface of the monolith when suddenly a worn silicone claw grabs me. Though broken and splintered, it holds me steady as an ancient metal spike emerges from the living rock. It screams in an ancient language, not knowing who or what I am.

  • Answer: Give Silicate (10 Heridium)
  • Reward: Learn a new word and gain Gek reputation

monolith 2

I hear a low rumble that gradually turns into an ancient scream. It's like no sound you've ever experienced. To this strange alien landscape it's a silent stillness, to my helmet it's a nightmarish cacophony of pain and death. Through the noise though, I can make out a few words in the screams.

  • answer: go away
  • Reward: Receive a Gek Relic, Atlas Word, and increased Gek Reputation

monolith 3

A spike emerges from the ancient stone. He screams, but can't be heard. On the stone above, someone long ago scrawled advice for those who approached him. The beak screams wordlessly at me, angrily chanting the words of the ancient beings who once prayed here. My scanner detects small amounts of oxides around it, but can't tell which ones.

(Video) NO MAN'S SKY: How to Solve Monolith Puzzles

  • Answer: Feed unusual rust (zinc) to the nozzle
  • Reward: Learn two Gek words, one Atlas word, and get a Gek relic.

monolith 4

An invisible replica of me and my exosuit lurks around the edge of the monolith. He screams in an ancient language as he brings me to my knees. The doppelganger first places his beam launcher on my forehead and then imitates opening my stomach with the mining beam. kind smile. I must choose my desired version.

  • Answer: Lightning to the brain
  • Reward: Boltcaster Blueprint, Gek reputation boost, 1000 units.

Korvax Monolith Puzzle

monolith 1

I feel weak as if my mind is under attack. Pustules, blisters, and bursts grow on my skin, and I can feel myriad little pinpricks coming out of each hole. Suddenly, metal spiders, maybe little Sentinels, climb over my shoulder and into my visor. this can be real This can NOT be real. I start to scream.

  • answer: wait
  • Reward: Learn a new word and gain Korvax reputation

monolith 2

Tiny floating tetrahedra rise from the planet's surface and surround me. I try to fend off them with my multitool, but every time they swim closer, as if somehow attracted to her. I grab my multitool and it glows blue as it runs here and there. Closer and closer. You are within range of my multitool. They make one last push.

  • Answer: Let the tetrahedrons in
  • Reward: Multitool blueprint, learn new words and gain Korvax reputation

monolith 3

I 'm getting dizzy. A strange lethargy invades me and I feel compelled to lie down before the ancient relic. This place seems comforting. It feels like home, whatever it was. I know I probably could if I really wanted to fight the urge to sleep, but I feel warm and comfortable in the glow of the ancient ruins.

  • answer 1: receipt
  • Effect: Monolith's power fades
  • answer 2: To sleep
  • Effect: Gain full health

monolith 4

A flickering reflection of my own body emerges from a portal. He mimics every move I make. When I nod, he nods. When he picks up my multitool, he copies immediately. The doppelganger makes a move to indicate that he wants something, and we both flinch as I realize I've instinctively matched his moves. His body glows, but his equipment seems somehow real. Your multitool looks better than mine. Dimensional irregularities disappear.

  • Answer: Give a multitool
  • Reward: Korvax's Reputation

monolith 5

My movements feel normal, but everything else is going faster than it should. The sun revolves around this globe in a matter of seconds, the day endlessly turns into night and vice versa. The creatures that graze and hunt there pass by in a blur. I am trapped in a time vortex. The numbers on my multi tool seem to go higher and higher. The closer I get to the monolith, the more noise is added to the timeline.

  • Answer: touch monolith
  • Reward: Word of Atlas

monolith 6

I'm trying to read the ancient glyphs when a loop of liquid metal appears and wraps around my helmet. He freezes in place before I put my head in contact with the glow of the monolith. The ancient stone is warm, and in the background I hear the hum of arcane technology preparing to be unleashed. I look at the glyphs to try to guess why this might be happening. You speak to me in a foreign language.

  • answer: wait
  • Reward: Korvax reputation, word Atlas, two words Korvax

monolith 7

A chiseled hole will appear at the base of the obelisk. It's clear from the smoothed edges and scratch marks around it that unknown creatures have pushed items through this opening for centuries. It's impossible to say what will happen, but below are three blocks of exactly the same dimensions that seem to be able to be rotated by a mechanism at the bottom of the monolith itself. I go through my gear for rare items that seem to fit...

(Video) Monolith Puzzle Solution - No Man's Sky Tutorial

  • Rare Rust Insert (50 Titanium) – Atlas Word, Suit Blueprint, Korvax Rep
  • Inserte silicato raro (50 Chrysonite) – Mulitool, Atlasword, Korvax Rep
  • Insert Rare Isotope (50 Plutonium) – Atlaswort, Korvax Rep

monolith 8

Over many centuries, pilgrims appear to have carved numbers into the monolith's glowing glyphs. Looking down, I notice an old coin. He scraped the ground with his boot and uncovered a few more. Otherwise, the site is silent. Maybe he won't answer forever, or maybe he's waiting for something.

  • Take Coin – Take some damage, gain units, decrease Korvax Rep
  • Gift Units: Korvax, Atlas Word, reputation boost heals.

monolith 9

I am being watched. A red laser dot appears on the ancient stone structure. I'm a target that I turn around, but I can't see the potential attacker. Somewhere in the strange landscape, someone is about to pull the trigger. There's no cover to speak of and no time to get past the obelisks. Suddenly, words of unknown power glow brightly on the monolith.

  • replicate
  • Reward - Increase Korvax Rep

monolith 10

I see a strange vision. A blue light comes out of the monolith as if a curtain had fallen inside. I hear a soft babble of voices and catch a familiar scent on the breeze. I can't remember where my house is, but I know that this is a door that leads there. I long for a past that I can't remember. Every inch of my soul wants to take the leap back. I look up to the sky and infinity beyond. Can I really give up my trip when it's just beginning?

  • Resist the temptation: increase Korvax's reputation, word Atlas, get a random item.
  • Go Back in Time: New Atlas Word, Full Healing.

monolith 11

The monolith disappears. The landscape around me looks healthy, but somehow the planetary vegetation has changed. In the center of the place where the mysterious stone used to be, there is a glowing red sphere. The intensity of the bullet burns the ground below. It crackles with an unknown force. I feel compelled to take it and be a part of it. A distant voice speaks to me...

  • Answer: withdrawal
  • Reward: None, but any other option will only cause you to take damage and lose Korvax's representative.

monolith 12

A child emerges from the monolith. It takes me a few moments to realize's me. I seem carefree and innocent. The little guy is looking at my exosuit and trying to see me through my visor. The boy suddenly starts crying and grabs my knees. He begs me never to leave. He doesn't want to be alone. He was supposed to stay here forever. We should be meeting. All over again.

  • Answer: Comfort, then go
  • Reward: Korvax Rep Boost, Atlas Word, Random Element.

Enigma for Monolith Vy'keen

monolith 1

I'm trying to read the glyphs on the ancient monument when a strange chill comes over me. Suddenly, a layer of frozen gas covers the monolith from the bottom up. It's so cold I can see my breath on the helmet. There is a small breach in the crystalline ice and I am convinced that I could feed some of my extracted elements through it, allowing them to make contact with the monolith beyond.

  • Answer: insert isotopic element (10 carbons)
  • Reward: Learn Atlas Word, get a basic item and gain Vy'keen reputation

monolith 2

I have a strange vision. A small, frightened creature emerges from the monolith and runs between my legs. I hear the sounds of an ancient hunt: the howl of chasing beasts of burden and the thunder of hooves. Warriors mounted on massive crossbows charge across the rock, and through the chaos I can be seen staring. It raises its facial tentacles in greeting, barks a few words, and points a melee weapon at me.

  • Answer: take a gun
  • Reward: Get a new multitool and Vy'keen reputation

monolith 3

The body of a female warrior emerges from the obelisk, a jagged tear at her waist suggesting that the dangerous-looking multitool she was holding wasn't enough to save her. The surface of the carved rock is blurred, revealing images of a military cult. She's trying to tell me something.

(Video) No Man's Sky Monolith Answers #1

  • answer 1: Grab the multi-tool and go
  • Effect: Get a new multitool, but lose Vy'keen reputation
  • answer 2: Bury the soldier and the multitool
  • Effect: Learn the new Atlas word, restore full health and gain Vy'keen reputation

monolith 4

I place my palm on the monolith and step back as it melts in response to my touch. Molten rock seeps through the stone, exposing a hollow interior. I see incredible riches in that. Ancient technologies and payloads that would help on my journey.

The lava continues to fall and the building seems unstable, but the team that can help me is close at hand. Suddenly, the voice of an ancient tribe shakes the ground I'm standing on.

  • answer 1: Step back
  • Effect: Gain Vy'keen reputation and a basic item.
  • answer 2: reach
  • Effect: Take permanent reputation damage from Exosuit and LoseVy'keen

monolith 5

I become part of a strange new reality. The old rock opens. Inside, the withered heart of an ancient warrior hangs between wooden pillars. He pulses slowly as he hangs there, still pulsing. Below, on a dusty floor, lie a series of withered lungs, doomed to breathe stale air seemingly forever. A parched eyeball stares at me. Without blinking.

  • Answer: Put the lungs with heat.
  • Reward: Call of the Vy'keen

monolith 6

Suddenly I'm underwater. I'm drowning. The water clogs my lungs. My chest burns, I sigh when there aren't any, just feeling warm liquids filling me inside and out. My vision is cloudy. I know it's my moment. This is the moment. This is how it feels. Suddenly, a green hand pushes the surface of the water. The light is fading.

  • answer: die
  • Reward: Vy'keen Reputation and Max Health Increase

monolith 7

Two ancient stone bowls materialize in front of the monolith. One is filled with a dark red viscous liquid, the other contains a sticky liquid that is bright yellow in color and smells strongly bitter. The ancient glyphs form an image on the stone plate behind the cup. A powerful and muscular warrior surrounded by a red halo challenges an opponent dressed in bright yellow armor.

  • Answer: Drink the viscous red liquid.
  • Recompensa: Full Heal, New Atlas Word, New Item.

monolith 8

The monolith features images of dead creatures in front of it. All sacrificed, sacrificed, and sacrificed to the gods that were once worshipped.

Suddenly, the head of a small forest animal appears below me. He looks at me with wide eyes, then jumps happily when his little hooves hit the ground. Clearly something is expected of me...

  • Answer: sacrifice the creature
  • Reward: Increase Rep, Atlas Word, a random item

monolith 9

The monolith tears like paper, opening a window to another world. He is tied with a huge net. Within my grasp is an ancient warrior in a cocoon. He has been there for centuries. Empty, dead eyes stare through me and onto the landscape beyond. He carries a rusty multi-tool, while a bulging sack on his chest suggests that he may carry greater wealth on his body. Suddenly, the strange leathery growth begins to move...

(Video) when you answer the monolith question incorrectly

  • Search Corps: Word Atlas, Effigy of Vy'Keen
  • Take Multi-Tool - Atlas Word, new model

monolith 10

I live in a new reality. I'm in a big coliseum and under a blood red sky. The noise is overwhelming. The warriors scream and bark at the coming battle. Two wrestlers are in the purple arena. One has lost his sword and hides behind a shield. The other walks towards him, throws high. I feel compelled to add my voice to the howl of the crowd.

  • Support the gladiator wielding a spear - Word of Atlas, multitool
  • Support the Gladiator in Danger - Atlas Word Exosuit Blueprint

monolith 11

I place my hand on the ancient structure and feel an intense heat burn inside. Suddenly, as if attracted by my suit, liquid metal begins to leak through a hole in the rock. What starts out as a drop becomes a wave that breaks through the gap. The monolith's previous contents are emptied and its glow begins to fade. A voice screams.

  • Plug the hole with rust (100 iron) - Atlas Word, Increase Rep, Vy'Keen Dagger
  • Molten Substance – Vy'Keen Dagger

monolith 12

A portal opens in the monolith and the body of a huge winged beast lands at my feet. His throat was ritually slit and his wings were tattooed with the faces of an ancient warrior tribe. The eyes look weird... The original eyes have been cut out and replaced with glowing red balls. The more I look, the more they shine. Advanced technology is clearly the focus. Can I bear to desecrate this sacrifice for helping me on my journey?

  • Remove Victim's Eyes - Atlas Word, Decrease Rep, Vy'Keen Dagger
  • Respect Sacrifice – Word of Atlas, rep boost, full health and shield

monolith 13

The huge mouth of an ancient canine suddenly appears on the face of the monolith. His mouth opens wide and stinky saliva brushes my visor. My nausea is eased by the sight of valuables balanced on his huge tongue. In one swift motion, the dog shifts the merchandise to the side of his mouth and spittles down my arms. There's still room on the tongue for more, if I want to deliver any of my cargo...

  • Put It Right On The Tongue (10 Carbon) – Atlas Word, Increase Rep, Vy'Keen Effigy, Max Health Recovery
  • Take the good out of the tongue - take damage, reduce reputation, but gain micro-density tissue

monolith 14

The monolith shatters before my eyes. It continues to fold in on itself until it becomes a small red sphere surrounded by dancing lights. It seems that something very ancient, perhaps something divine, is showing me the origin of the strange constructions. The oxides I'm wearing physically attract me: I'm desperate to help him rebuild. It is not so much that I am a pilgrim making offerings in the hope of blessings, but rather that the items I carry want to offer themselves...

  • Give Rare Rust (50 Titanium)– Aumentar Rep, Word of Atlas, Health e Shield ao máximo, Vy'keen Effigy.

monolith 15

On the rock's surface, the body of a creature materializes as a gluttonous mass. It is an ancient victim impaled with metal spears through its wide eyes. The fluid drains from the body through the monolith through a channel carved into the rock by ancient hands. It can be redirected to two sculptures: one of a sun and one of a moon.

  • Divert Fluid to Sun – Increase Representation, Atlas Word, Max Health, Random Blueprint
  • Divert Liquid to the Moon – Increase rendering, Word Atlas, Max Health, Improved layout.

monolith 16

On the rock's surface, the body of a creature materializes as a gluttonous mass. It is an ancient victim impaled with metal spears through its wide eyes. The fluid drains from the body through the monolith through a channel carved into the rock by ancient hands. It can be redirected to two sculptures: one of a sun and one of a moon.

  • Tactile Monolith: Increases reputation, Vy'Keen effigy, and takes damage.
  • Stand Still - Both you and your Tech take damage, Vy'keen Effigy, Atlas Word.

monolith 17

A sudden pulse of destructive energy surges through my exosuit. My multitool sensor detects another buildup of energy in the depths of the monolith. It will soon spread over me and the landscape around the old site. I can use my protective mesh capabilities to dampen the impending wave of energy, but the systems are too overloaded to detect it...

(Video) Observatory Puzzles solved - No Man's Sky - secrets revealed

  • Prepare to absorb radiation: increase reputation, Vy'Keen effigy, units.

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