New Extension: Improved Criticism by TheoGeek (2023)

This extension is updated here:5E - Theogeek's Enhanced Critical Strike

AUTHOR:Compliant with FGU and FGC (July 12, 2020 updates).

---------------- Version 3.1 ----------------
To retrieve:ImprovedCritical_3.1.ext(herz. 3.1)

Changed method of processing the transactions.New Extension: Improved Criticism by TheoGeek (1)Make sure this plays well with others.

Version 3.1 still contains the menu item "Temporary Calculation Fix" [On* | introduced in 2.3a From]. The purpose of this option is to fix a bug in the 5E ruleset where damage is calculated when the damage is critical and the target is immune, resistant, or vulnerable to one of the damage types.

I've tested this as much as possible and it has worked in every scenario I've gone through, but there may be side effects that I haven't noticed. If you wish, please use this version with the setting "On" and report any bugs found. Setting this to Off will reset the 5E ruleset's default method of calculating damage.

The bug is on the radar to be fixed, but all efforts will go to Unity's benefit (which is the way to go), so it may be a while before the actual fix comes out.

If I don't hear any bugs in it, this patch will be included in future versions of this extension until the 5E ruleset is updated.

Use this to test the damage calculation and get in touch!


Hello everyone!

That's why I made this expansion, because I saw that players were consistently disappointed with critical hits that do less damage than a standard hit. This expansion only changes the RAW to the default max damage die. Everything else is the same. For example, a half-orc with strength 18 (and no other bonuses) wielding a greatsword will suffice:

MAX(2d6) + Boni + 3d6 = 12 + 4 + 3d6

3d6 is the critical hit damage: weapon dice (2d6) + half-orc's wild attack bonus (1d6).

The same half-orc with a great axe does:

Max(1d12) + 4 + 2d12 = 12 + 4+ 2d12.

Without the expansion, a half-orc critical hit with a greatsword might look like this:

New Extension: Improved Criticism by TheoGeek (2)

With the augment enabled, a half orc crit hit with a greatsword might look like this:

New Extension: Improved Criticism by TheoGeek (3)

(Note: The output "D1=4(6)" means that the first damage die was originally rolled as "4" but reached its maximum at "6".)

This expansion ONLY guarantees that each critical attack deals at least the maximum damage of the weapon used (i.e. the ground is raised). It doesn't guarantee max damage (unless the options are set to max damage) and without that increase it will never deal max damage above a critical stat.

Have fun with it and let me know if you have any other ideas!

Thanks to everyone who helped (see you want to follow the discussion of how this came about.)


Battle Settings -> Improved Critical Point -> Cubes to Maximize = [Damage Cubes | Critical Dice | Both | None] - "Damage Dice" by default
- Damage Dice = All damage dice are maxed, critical dice are rolled
- Critical Dice = All critical dice are maxed out (including extra critical dice from features like Savage Critical, Brutal Critical, etc.), damage dice are rolled
- Both = All damage AND all critical dice are maxed
- None = Return to default critical damage handling

Battle Settings -> Improved Criticism -> Include Effect Dice [None | Yes] - Default is Yes.
- No = Impact damage dice are rolled as normal
- Yes = Damage dice from effects (e.g. sneak attacks) are included in the above calculations
- Note: This option depends on the chosen method. For example, if the maximum is "Damage Dice" and it is "Yes", then the normal damage and effect damage are maximum.
- Note: If the max is "Both" and "Include Effect Dice = Yes", you deal maximum damage with all dice on a critical hit, so be careful.New Extension: Improved Criticism by TheoGeek (4)

Battle Settings -> Advanced Critical Hits -> Max since the target has Critical Immunity [None | Yes] - Default is No.
- No = Effectively bypasses this augmentation and deals physical damage on a critical hit if the target has the effect "IMMUNE: Critical" (i.e. nothing is maxed, regardless of other options for that augmentation).
- Yes = Maximizes normal damage on a critical hit even if the target is immune to critical hits if the Dice to Maximize option is set to Damage Dice or Both.

Battle Settings -> Improved Critical Point -> Show Die Roll for Target [First Only | Crit Immune | All] - Default is First Only
Note: This setting is only useful when multiple targets are critically hit during an attack and there is a mix of critically immune and non-critically immune targets. This is primarily to help the DM understand what happens when "Target max has critical immunity" is set to "No", as this setting overrides maxxing and damage rolls for targets that resist critical damage are immune and deals damage to a target with critical immunity differs from the depicted role for non-critical immune targets.
- First Only = Shows only the damage roll for the first hit (this is normal Fantasy Grounds behavior).
- Immune to Critical Hits = Displays the die roll for the first hit and all targets immune to critical hits
- All = Shows the dice for all targets hit

Battle Settings -> Improved Critical Point -> Disable Critical Damage Dice [Remove Critical Dice | Force critical hits to 0 | No] - Default is No.
Note: This setting is intended to cause critical hit damage to behave like normal hit damage, effectively disabling critical damage. This will NOT override other settings of this add-on (e.g. max physical damage and effect damage).
Note: Enabling this option disables attributes like Ferocious Attack and Brutal Critical Damage. So only use this option if your board wants to completely ignore critical damage.
- Remove Critical Dice = Critical damage dice are completely removed from the dice roll, so they don't appear in the chat window at all and aren't taken into account in any calculation
- Force Critical Hits to 0 = The critical hit dice remain in the roll, but their values ​​are set to 0
- No = Critical hits deal critical damage as expected

---- Updated (July 12, 2020) ----
Version 3.1
- Updated to match the way Unity now calculates damage

---- Updated (05 May 2020) ----
Version 3.0
- Change the way handlers are treated.
- Thankskentmcculloughfor working together to make our extensions work!

---- Updated (April 18, 2020) ----
Version 2.4
- Added new option "Disable Critical Damage Dice".
- Minor code improvement

---- Updated (9 December 2019) ----
Version 2.3
- Renamed options and choices to make them easier to understand
- Added new option "Show target die roll".
– The output was slightly modified to reflect the original role and the role was calculated based on the improved critical function (e.g. output D1=4(6) means the original role is “4” and the maximum extension “6” was).

---- Updated (November 30, 2019) -----
Version 2.2:
- General cleaning
- Temporary version 2.1 fix replaced with an actual fix

---- Updated (November 28, 2019) -----
Version 2.1:
- works but it's only temporary. It will be replaced when the code is cleaner.

---- Updated (November 21, 2019) -----
Version 2.0:
- Refactoring to use onDamage instead of onDamageRoll
- Added the ability to roll damage dice when the target is immune to critical damage (this expansion is basically ignored)
- Ignore this extension if the critical hit is from the Chaos Bolt spell

---- Updated (July 15, 2019) -----
Version 1.9:
- Fixed encoding error in wrapper

---- Updated (July 5, 2019) ------
Version 1.8:
- Added icon created by Glassstaff - thanks Glassstaff!
- Restructure the code to better integrate with existing rulesets:
– Added wrapper function to conditionally call ImprovedCritical handler or onDamageRoll handler
- Remove the code copied from ActionDamage.onDamageRoll and just call this function when needed

---- Updated (March 4, 2019) ------
Version 1.7:
- Remove REROLL as it is not included in ActionDamage.onDamageRoll which this code replaces.
- Copy and paste max damage change code from ActionDamage.onDamageRoll.
- Fixed bug in settings options that prevented execution of ActionDamage.onDamageRoll routine when this extension was disabled.
- Fixed bug that included effect damage even though it was excluded when "Max Both" was selected.

Hopefully these are the last mistakes.New Extension: Improved Criticism by TheoGeek (5)If you find anything let me know!

---- Updated (March 2, 2019) ------
Version 1.6:
- Make the output more meaningful.

Version 1.5:
- Added support for manual MAX damage modifier (note that HALF already works)
- Optimized code

---- Updated (February 25, 2019) ------
Critically improved (new version numbering 1.4) - Add controls to the settings items as follows:


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