17: "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" (Matthew 18; Luke 10) (2023)

Tammi 0:00

Did you know that questions play a very important role in the cognitive development of a child's brain? So if there's a knowledge gap, something they can't fix on their own, they ask a question. If a child asks a question now, they are ready to learn. They will then carefully process the answer and their knowledge will bring them closer to adulthood, and the positive outcome of a question asked and answered will help them develop their intellectual development. All of this to say that our study of Matthew chapter 18 and Luke chapter 10 this week is about questions being asked and answered. And we will learn that each of us is still maturing in our intellectual development.

Tammie 0:42

Welcome to the Sunday on Monday Study Group, an original Deseret Bookshelf Plus brought to you by LDS Living, where we will participate in the “Come, Follow Me” lesson for a week and truly immerse ourselves in the scriptures together. I'm your hostess, Tammy Uzelac Hall. If you're new to our study group, we want to make sure you know how to use this podcast, so follow the link in our description. And it explains how you, like my friend Annjeanette Cummings, can best use this podcast to improve your come, follow me study. Hello Annejeanette. Thanks for coming over and saying hello to me in Zürchers; It's a little party shop, I bought some pirate stuff for my collection time in Primary and she came over and said hello and it was great. Okay, here's the other great thing about our study group, every week we're joined by two of my friends, so it's a little bit different. And today we have -- I'm very happy about that -- so we have Jalyn Peterson. She's a regular. Hello, lady.

Jalyn 1:27

Hi how are you?

Tammy 1:28

Good. Live from Tennessee.

Jalyn 1:31

Yes. From the great Memphis.

Tammy 1:33

Great Memphis. And then we have a new friend. Oh how happy we are to introduce them! Her name is Michelle Bury. Hello Michelle.

Michael 1:40

Oh hey girl Hello. (Laugh)

Tammie 1:44

Okay, I love Michelle so much. I met her several times when we first met, two years ago, a year ago, something like that?

Michael 1:51

Oh, like a year ago; it wasn't that long.

Tammy 1:54

Oh yeah. And then she's in my daughter's singles department. And she is cute. And I've spoken a few times in her ward and stake, and she's explained herself—tell us a little bit about yourself.

Michael 2:04

Oh, the gospel groupies. You know, I heard you on another podcast. And immediately I thought, this is my type. As if we just wanted to set the mood. And I was talking about your Sunday school podcast and your daughter Anna turns around and says that's my mom. And right away I thought we should meet up because I'm your mother's best friend and she just doesn't know it so this has to happen.

Tammie 2:25

It's absolutely true because I told Jalyn that if it were 20 years ago we would be Michelle's friends. I like

Jalyn 2:31


Tammy 2:32

These are our people. And yes, without a doubt. And when I met her, I immediately thought: Huhhh, yes. They are my kind of people. So, when Anna graduates from law school, I really want you guys to live together while you're still single, okay? Hopefully not, that's the goal. To the right?

Jalyn 2:46

Always. Michelle, don't let anyone tell you that being single forever is bad.

Michael 2:52

Ah, that's the best. Being single is great.

Jalyn 2:54

Thank you very much. TAM, look at you, now that you're married, elitist

Tammy 2:58

I'm a big fool This is what I am Now listen, being single is great. Spend how you want, travel where you want, eat what you want.

Michel 3:06


Interlace 3:07

I still believe in marriage.

Tammy 3:11

Okay if anyone knows a bachelor in their 50's or 30's I have two amazing ladies here. Just contact me on Facebook or Instagram, send me a small message. Let's see if we can keep up with that. how awesome is that OK. Well, if you're interested in learning more about my guests, information about them and their resumes can be found in our Monday show notes at LDS living.com/sunday. OK. For this episode you will need a purple marker or purple pencil or purple pencil. So find one as we will be using it in our writings. And we go - I'm really looking forward to today - because I hope that today's experience is a perfect example of Matthew 18:20. We go to Matthew chapter 18. But verse 20 says, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst." And I hope that today we'll be able to do that. So grab your fonts and let's dive in.

Tammy 4:03

OK, you two. Here is my question for you. You're both adults but still asking questions?

Jalyn 4:09

Continually. I live every day, all day long.

Tammy 4:12

Okay, what was the last question you asked?

Michael 4:15

Oh I think I'm stuck in Heavenly Father's rut, why is it so hard? As if that seems to be my recurring question. Then something good happens. I'm like, oh never mind, I'm fine. And then when something bad happens, I think again: Why is it so difficult?

Tammy 4:32

Repeat the same question. OK. Very good. And you, Jalyn?

Jalyn 4:35

Of course, I ask Heavenly Father a lot, but I figured, you know, at work, you ask my clients questions because I need to understand them. I need to know their situation, understand them, so I can best help them. And then there are only questions of knowledge that you, you know, have not finished learning in any of our professions. I don't think we'll ever learn, especially at the speed that technology and information is moving at the moment. I guess so, there's no way we can't keep asking questions.

Tammy 5:14

Yes absolutely. You know, I was very intrigued reading and writing this introduction. Because all the information I found said that when children ask questions, they bring them closer to adulthood. And as I read and wrote it, I was like, oh my god. I'm so far from adulthood because I feel like I'm asking questions all the time. And then I just thought, wow. I'm 100% like a kid because I ask so many questions. In fact, the adage "the more I learn, the less I know" has never been more relevant in my life than it is now. The older I get,,,,

Jalyn 5:49

So true, it's so true.

Michael 5:52


Jalyn 5:53

I'm never done finding out.

Tammie 5:55

Never. I feel like a kid all the time when it comes to my knowledge. So turn to Mosiah 3:19 with me. We need to read the absolutely essential verse in Scripture on how to be childish. Then go to Mosiah 3:19. Okay, and if you have a journal, I want you to write that down. Or if you have a piece of paper you should, we're now going to make a list based on this verse of Scripture. And Jalyn, would you please read us Moses 3:19? We are looking for childlike qualities in this verse.

Jalyn 6:31

Genesis 3:19 “But the natural man is an enemy of God, and has been since the fall of Adam, and always will be, unless he yield to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and put off the natural man and become a saint through it Atonement of Christ the Lord, and become like a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, ready to submit to whatever the Lord wants to impose on him, as a child submits to his father.

Tammie 6:59

Okay, let's write all this down on a piece of paper. So if you have paper, write it down. We will refer to this list several times in this lesson. So we have the characteristics of a child who is submissive, gentle, humble, patient and full of love. Then we are ready to submit—it's hard—to submit to whatever the Lord sees fit to command. OK. Now we're going to come back and use this today when we talk about being childish. And while we're doing that, there are a few things we want to make sure we understand. We know what those words mean. However, there is one that is quite unique and that is the word "meek". So let's quickly define meekness because we often think of it as passive, submissive, but I thought this was pretty cool: These descriptions of what the word "meek" means are from Neal A. Maxwell. Michelle, would you please read it for us.

Michel 8:01

"Meekness, then, is so much more than a passive quality that simply wards off injustice. Instead, it is a spiritual and intellectual activism. Gentleness also protects us from the fatigue of being easily offended. There are so many waiting to to be insulted. You." are then warned of the possibility of being treated unfairly. They invite you to confirm expectations. The meek, who are not written for such wearisome wakefulness, find rest from that kind of weariness."

Tammie 8:31

Oops. What did you notice about the softness there?

Michael 8:36

I like the idea of ​​not being easily offended. I feel like insults are the big thing these days. People are just trying to find something to get angry about. And it seems less and less what the offense is. And then I like this idea of ​​waiting and just being patient and not looking for the worst in reality.

Interlace 9:02

Well, and it's that it involves activism. I'm not just leaning back a little. It's, you know, I, you know, like you said, Michelle, it's not like we just sit back, you know, and a lot of times you have to defend that you're not offended in front of other people.

Michael 9:25

To the right?

Interlace 9:26

you know you are like that

Tammy 9:27

boy it's true

Interlace 9:28

You know, I, I'm not, I'm just not offended by every little thing. So yes,

Tammie 9:33

Great point.

Interlace 9:34

which some people find so offensive in themselves that you don't climb the podium with them, right? That you're not sitting on their soapbox with them.

Tammie 9:44

Correct. Absolutely. So thank you both for sharing. Okay, now we have that list right here. So we will refer to this list during our classes because questions will be asked and we will improve our intellectual development. So in the next section we will see how important these childhood qualities are to our overall development.

Section 2 10:07


Tammy 10:22

Let's go to Matthew chapter 18 and grab your purple marker or colored pencil or whatever you have. And we want to use purple to emphasize the question that the disciples asked Jesus. Why did I choose purple? Because that's kinda cool, but purple symbolizes wisdom, nobility, royalty, and ambition. So that's pretty much what it's going to be with all of our questions. Today we will highlight many questions in purple. So here is our question, Matthew 18:1. And Jalyn, would you read it for us and underline the question as you read.

Jalyn 10:55

Matthew 18:1 "Then the disciples came to Jesus and asked, Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?"

Tammy 11:02

OK, there is our question. Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Let's expand our knowledge; Let's read verses 2 and 3, and Michelle, can you read them to us?

Michael 11:13

2 And Jesus called a little child and put him in the midst of them,

Michael 11:17

3 And said: Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Tammie 11:25

OK, that's funny. So we know from these verses who the greatest is - it's a little child. But there is a very beautiful word. Look at the word in verse 3. The word is reversed. mark it And in Greek, that word means, it's STEPHO, and it means "to turn, to change, or to change direction." And I like that very much. Then: 'Truly I tell you, if you do not turn away and become like little children.' What does this mean for us adults?

Michel 11:59

I think as we grow up we really get stuck in our ways. Just like our brain is all about finding the path of least resistance and doing what's easiest. And it's just becoming so common to just stay in this rut, stay in your job, keep doing what you're doing because you've gotten so used to it. And the idea of ​​letting it go, turning, leaving the path you were on and driving some sort of truck through the mud and reshaping it. However, there is work to be done

Tammy 12:31

Oh I.

Michael 12:31

This is life.

Tammy 12:33

Great, great observation. And you, Jalyn?

Jalyn 12:36

yes the same Honestly, Matthew McConaughey came to mind because he always says, "You know, we often get worse as kids." To the right? That's life, you know, you kind of get thrown through life. And then your lane narrows, just like Michelle said. As we walk this path, and whether it's the right path or not, we like it, we learn to like putting up these guardrails and these brick walls. And it gets harder to change direction because these, you know, pathways -- neural and otherwise -- are just stuffed into your brain. And so I think there's more of a need to turn around and actually shift and change direction as we mature.

Tammy 13:33

Yes. And it's so hard to do. And I believe the Lord knows; His use of words is very important here because he says, "I'll tell you unless you repent." And I always thought I was the opposite. I joined the church. I'm baptized and confirmed, check. yes check i did this "Unless you repent and become like little children." But no: "Apart from turning around or changing direction, you change the way you do things." And then we get verse 4. Jalyn read verse 4 aloud.

Jalyn 14:02

4 Whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Tammy 14:08

Thank you very much. This is a big request to humble yourself like a little child. Why is this such a big question for us? Or for you in general?

Jalyn 14:20

Well I'd rather know everything. And just ask my family, I know everything. So yeah, but I mean, because you kind of admit you don't know everything, you don't have all the answers. And you are right, there is this stage of life, we are little children. And like, we're like, why? Why is it? Why? and your parents are the smartest people you've ever met. Your teachers are the smartest people you will ever meet. And then you kind of get to a point in life where, especially in your 20s and 30s, you know that 20-year-olds don't even know teenagers and 20-year-olds don't know everything, just ask them. You are the dumbest person they have ever met in your life. To the right? And then as you get older Tam I think you said exactly that the more you know the older you get the more wisdom you have to realize you don't know anything. . To the right? And then I'm like, you know, I don't know, being humble is just admitting that you don't have all the answers. And it's a bit scary. But that's what faith is for. And it's hard. That's the hard part for me, very hard.

Michael 15:44

It's, and it's something I love, the idea of ​​opening yourself up to vulnerability when you admit you've let it go, right? You looked that way and missed, right? One degree off and you're far enough down the road and you're a long way from where you wanted to be. And it cracks open the door to all those negative thoughts that you have in your head so they can feel you validating that they're true, right? As if you're not going in the right direction, then you're not as smart as you thought you were. If you're not as smart as you thought you were, people might not like you. And just like the dominoes keep falling. And if we can protect that foundation a bit, it feels like everything fits into place, we don't have to worry about the rest. But opening up to them, dropping them where they can and just letting it be a fact and starting over is a lot. It takes a lot. And that's why I'm not good at it yet. IM working on it.

Tammy 16:42

My goodness, yes, absolutely. Okay, so I'm going to ask you a question in real time. This will, and I want it to feel crowded, look back at the list we made at the beginning of the qualities that are childish. Which ones should you switch to or change course and direction to be more childlike?

Jalyn 17:03

Bit by bit the whole list.

Tammy 17:07

You can only choose one.

Jalyn 17:08

Real? I have to choose? Ouch

Tammy 17:13

I mean, I know from the start what mine is: patience. I have to be more patient. Sometimes it's my ADD or my ADHD. Not sure which one I have, it's self diagnosed. But I think I have something there.

Jalyn 17:24

The same

Tammy 17:27

But I think I'm getting so impatient now. Oh I gotta take a deep breath and let go, that's what I gotta do. That's my goal with my children and my family: Just be more patient.

Jalyn 17:43

I think any mother would say that because you see it in the light of your children. But my two, it's hard to tell the difference between the two. Well, they are the same: submissive and willing to submit to whatever the Lord sees fit to impose on me.

Tammy 17:58


Jalyn 17:59

Both are tough. Well, it's like we just said, I want to know the answers. I want - I'm very, you know, probably my lawyer brain - but you know, if you study it long enough, hard enough, like you should be able to figure out where the guard rails are and where things are. Is. And, and I don't think I don't like that. I like to be, I like to know. I like being able to, you know, it's just arrogance, right? for my part to think that, you know, I would ever know enough, because you know that you're always trying to eliminate all the unknown variables, to be comfortable in life, because that's my whole thing, to make you safe in life and to feel safe. And so I'm always looking for the way, how can I, how can I feel best on solid ground? And for me it's not just having the belief part, but also having the knowledge to back it up, my version of the knowledge, even if it's not, you know, but how am I going to like it, you know, a choice .

Tammie 19:09

Neal A Maxwell taught it where it says, "Ready to submit to whatever the Lord sees fit to bring upon him." The "effects of him" taught by Neal A. Maxwell are "adaptive challenges" that I found so profound. So Jalyn, you chose it; In your opinion, what is an individual challenge that you find difficult to accept?

Jalyn 19:37

I don't know if I can be so vulnerable on this podcast

Tammie 19:40

(Video) 17 "What Am I" Riddles And Brain Teasers To Test How Fit Your Brain Is!

I need you.

Jalyn 19:40

talk a little, a little

Michael 19:43

We trust you, we are here.

Jalyn 19:46

Um, ok. Please ask again.

Tammy 19:48

What immediately comes to mind when I say: What is your tailor-made challenge?

Jalyn 19:58

hmm That's a good question. And I'm trying to figure out what it is.

Tammy 20:07

Don't fight it, just say it.

Jalyn 20:09

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is always my struggles with body image and eating disorders and stuff. That's always the first thing that comes to my mind. 'Cause I always think, um, you know, we all have our stuff, right? I think if you ask someone this question, someone has the specific one, if not one, several right? Where that, where that's what honestly keeps you humble like there's no other way to do it. But it was such a challenge for me. And of course it comes in waves or not, you know like how good I feel or not, but not to control it. Getting over it like it's Satan, right, being, hey, if I can make her doubt all of this, I can stop her from going to church. I can stop her from looking for a man, I can stop her from having all these things that you know are having a ripple effect in my life because of it.

Jalyn 21:30

But there have been many times in my life where I've done what I, the list, right? Like I went to church and studied my scriptures and did everything and still feel like God is silent about it. To the right? It's just, you know, I still get to be in the game. And you know, you always want the safety of the scriptures and gospel, which is comfort, to be the place where you find peace of mind. And sometimes not, not for me, you know what I mean? And that was the hardest part. It was the part where it was, well, if you love me, you know, little tests, little tests set up for God. You know, if you really love me, you don't necessarily take it away from me, but at least let me know you're there. And that I, you know, I got you, we're gonna, we're gonna get through it no matter what.

Jalyn 22:40

And that's why I've studied the story of Christ on the cross over and over again and each time I've come to different conclusions why I just hate it so much like when Christ needed his father the most when he sat on the cross and he wept and God was silent. And God had to be, a) because you know God cannot dwell where sin is. And people have sinned, I think. And that's how someone once explained it to me. But if he hadn't, the victory would not have belonged to Jesus. To the right? It would have been, it would have been, and then that would have been Satan's second tactic. To the right? Well he didn't really, God put a hedge around him. It wasn't the same argument he'd used before. And I think it's like, you know, to be able to be like that, okay, he gave me the tools and I know what to do and get through somehow. But it will always be mine, I mean I always hoped it wouldn't still have problems at that age but I just think it will be there.

Tammy 24:03

I am truly grateful that you have just brought the Savior's experience on the cross. Because what impresses me so much is, well, I go back, I'm thinking of the Savior on the cross right now, and I'm reading, “ready to submit to whatever the Father sees fit to impose on him. He was the very essence of childlikeness on that cross.

Jalyn 24:24


Tammy 24:25

Still believing, still singing the psalms. And when he tells us to become like little children, he did it, he did it, he will do it. He knows what he's asking for. That's a good example, Jalynn, thank you. And you, Michelle? What's on your list?

Michael 24:42

Um, I think mine on the list, like straight out of the gate, is probably a willingness to submit. I feel like I'm actually a pretty patient person, oddly enough. I am full of love and I like to think that I am humble. Probably not, who knows? But I really struggle when it comes to submission and submission, I'm so scared of possibly being let down. I don't know how to describe it

Tammy 25:22

Good description.

Michael 25:23

But for example people will say I don't know if you've ever seen this little illustration where it's a little girl and she's holding a teddy bear. And then Jesus stands at her eye level, and He stands behind her like a giant teddy bear. And he asks about their little teddy bear, and people say, Look, Jesus has something better in mind. And my brain is like, no! It's her precious treasure. Just like this teddy bear means everything to her. If you e.g. Having children or cousins, you know that certain things are very important to them. And you can't replace it with anything.

Michael 25:56

And I think sometimes I have this idea of ​​what I want Heavenly Father to bless. I'm so afraid to ask him out and then let him be like Michelle, I'm so glad you came to me. I didn't know how to tell you this. It won't be. So stop wishing, stop wanting, stop trying. Let's push it aside, put it down. It won't, I didn't know how to tell you but I'm so glad you asked because now I can break your heart. And I know that Heavenly Father did not intend that, just as I firmly believe that Heavenly Father loves me. But I'm childish enough in my condition, enough I think I'm spiritually immature as I like to think about it I'm just not ready to hear it yet. If it makes sense

Jalyn 26:43

Sounds absolutely logical.

Tammie 26:45

It does.

Jalyn 26:45

Sounds absolutely logical.

Tammy 26:47

Yes. In fact, next to the "willing to submit to whatever it takes to inflict it," I just capitalized, I capitalized TRUST. That's the essence of trust, right?

Michael 26:58

So hard.

Tammy 26:59

And it's so hard to trust.

Interlace 27:02

Well, it's all Brene Brown talking about being vulnerable. And since I'm being serious, you know, it's the hardest thing, but it's the greatest strength anyone's ever shown.

Tammy 27:20


Jalyn 27:20

I never cease to be amazed by the people who are willing to let go of a teddy bear the way it was, just trusting that there is something better or whatever God wants the exact design to be for them.

Tammy 27:38


Jalyn 27:38

So. But I guess that's just a human condition, especially as we get older, well, you know, depending on what life throws at us, it gets harder and harder to be vulnerable.

Tammy 27:49

Yes. And trust in the here and now and trust in the hereafter. The whole plan. It's, it's, it's a lot. So of course it's difficult.

Jalyn 27:49


Tammy 27:51

Therefore, we are the reason he asks us to be childlike. So

Interlace 28:04

Also, the other thing, if you think about it, is that kids are here and now. You know, as a kid, I didn't run around on recess thinking about what my future would be like or whatever

Tammy 28:16


Jalyn 28:17

You know what I mean?

Tammy 28:18

It's getting bigger

Interlace 28:19

Yes, our perfection is always increasing.

Michael 28:20

Right there, yes. But as you get older, you try so hard to protect things that you either worry about the mess you've dealt with in the past still haunting you, or you're always trying to close for the future plan, right? And that's why we don't want to be vulnerable. But as you know, time is a man-made illusion. And all we really have is here now, for it is eternal. I keep saying it to go to the other side and go, good night nurse, did you care that much about how your body looked? It's like all the time you like to spend? I like,

Tammy 28:58

all the joy you took from yourself.

Interlace 29:02

Yes. You were happy to get a body and come here and do it. And then when you get to the other side you're like, oh, it really was just a moment. And I've spent it all, you know, I've spent way too much time worrying about stupid things.

Michael 29:18

Look, I think you should give yourself some credit. Someone in one of my Sunday School classes once said that because we are eternal beings, time is especially hard on us, but time is mortal. And so your mortal side is constantly fighting against your eternal side. Find something in the middle. And it's just so hard to understand and think about things in an eternal sense because it's just too big. So we're stuck on the deadly side, and that's how the conflict ends up on the other side. And then it's okay, and it's frustrating. You are human and it happens.

Tammy 29:53

wow people It was such a good conversation. Oh my god I love the direction it's taken and how it makes us think outside the box. So thank you both for your points. And I liked that. I liked what you both had to say. So thanks, that was really good. So here's what we need to do. In the next section we will all change course and ask to be more childlike when the next specific question is asked.

Section 4 30:21


Tammy 30:36

So I want to know what you thought at last year's general conference in April 2022 when you heard the prophet say twice in the same talk: This was his admonition to us. He says: “My calling today, dear brothers and sisters, is to end the conflicts that rage in your hearts, your homes and your lives. Bury all tendencies to hurt others, whether those tendencies are a temper, a sharp tongue, or... a grudge against someone who has hurt you." I want to know what you thought when you heard that, about anger in your heart, Get rid of home or life?

Michael 31:11

I think the first time I thought, okay, I can do that too. And then the second time you're like, Whoa, okay, I think I'll think about it again. You know you said it twice. And you know, a 10 minute period. It must be particularly important. But I think something that I immediately focused on. I like to think of myself as a reasonably fortunate person. I tend to befriend everyone I meet, like I can talk to someone about something you wouldn't know. So I'm not conflicted. I'm something of a natural peacemaker. But I'm doing myself serious harm. To the right? Like I treat myself so hostile sometimes, if that's a word. It is, shall we say, it is. In my head, right, me, like we're going so fast. And I don't know if it's just because of the times we're in or if it's just how Satan decided he's going to carry out his plan.

Michael 32:07

But me, it is, it's my biggest goal and my biggest opponent. I'm going after myself. I'll talk to myself and question myself and put myself down for small things. Where someone else could do that and I'd be like, oh don't worry, you know you're human. It's okay, you're so good. And then I do something and say: What are you thinking about? As if you had settled your affairs. Come on, you shouldn't be doing this already. like, don't you know? And oddly enough, that's what I thought of first. So

Tammy 32:39

It's powerful. The self-conflicts in your heart. Oh Michelle. Okay thanks. And you, Jalyn?

Jalyn 32:47

It's mine. Maybe it's because Michelle and I don't have kids, but that was just me. And not just what's raging in my own heart, you know what I'm doing to myself? But also in my life, where am I? Because I feel that I think every day: What am I doing with my life? They believe in 50, you know. Kids, I'm here to tell you, you keep asking this question, don't you? And then instead of doing that trust, I let it rage, I like to let it, you know, you can freak out, you can work your way up to a state. But then if it was all my business, like, where am I, you know, where am I railing against God's plan time for me? To the right? instead of just letting go and trusting. So yeah, it wasn't that much because I'm like Michelle. I don't feel like I have a lot of conflicts, I don't like conflicts either, so I don't let it rage in my heart, do I? I just move on and when there is a conflict in our family it is usually resolved. So it's not like I hold a grudge with anyone or anything. So it's just me

Tammy 34:12

Wow, they are powerful. Apparently I have a big complex because all I could think was I hope so and listen to this.

Jalyn 34:19

I wanted to say it first. You are like that at first, I hope they think about it.

Tammy 34:27

Maybe I should email them this conversation. I do not know. Oh my god, that's great. Yes. Okay, grab your purple pen or highlighter and we'll underline the question Peter asked purple. So now Peter has a question for the Lord. Let's go to Matthew chapter 18. The question is in verse 21. So Jalyn, you're officially going to be our question reader. read the question Here we go.

Jalyn 34:52

18:21 Peter came to him and said, Lord, how many times shall my brother sin against me, and I will forgive him seven times?

Tammie 35:00

OK, what's his question?

Interlace 35:03

Can I just forgive someone seven times and then forget, done?

Tammy 35:08

If there's been a conflict seven times, let's leave it here, right? Don't we have to worry about that anymore? And then Michelle read the answer in verse 22.

Michael 35:16

22 "Jesus said to him, I will not tell you seven times, but seventy-seven times seven."

Tammy 35:24

Okay, let's, let's plan some things. That's a lot, isn't it? So are people like this, seriously? 70 times seven? someone calculates 'pi r square, wear this.' What is it?

Michael 35:34


Tammy 35:35

490. Oh Michelle

Interlace 35:38

I got this calculator out. Michelle says it's just right here in the middle of my planner.

Tammy 35:44

Someone is good at math. Okay, so you have a little tick and think this is the 489th time and

Jalyn 35:51

I make a paper chain.

Michael 35:52

I was able to collect points.

Jalyn 35:53

Yes. You're dead to me now. The Sicilian in me isn't happy. Exactly. Yes. So does he really mean it? Would you like a check up? No, he clearly doesn't. So here's what we need to know. The number seven means "completeness" in Hebrew. But if you got 70, that's it, 70 x seven means infinity. As if He is using this numerology here to walk there is only you, you will always fully and fully forgive them. And then there's a big cross-reference about how important it is to forgive, because it's hard, because then a lot of us are like that, I understand that we're living in a time or we have to set boundaries and all kinds of things, and it's true. Absolutely. And you still have to forgive. This is sometimes a difficult text to read when it comes to forgiveness. Keep your fingers here in Matthew 18. And quickly flip back to Matthew 6:14–15. Matthew 6:14–15. And Jalyn, would you like to read here about how the Savior taught forgiveness?

Jalyn 36:57

6:14 “For if you forgive people their sins, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

Interlace 37:02

15 "But if you do not forgive people their sins, neither will your father forgive your sins."

Tammy 37:08

Wow. How serious is forgiveness?

Jalyn 37:12

Very seriously. I mean only if you want to forgive yourself. You know I do

Tammy 37:19

I want, I want to be Seems like a pretty good idea, right? Okay, now go back to Matthew chapter 18. So the Savior is teaching this important thing here, He's answering Peter's question "70 times seven" -- you just have to keep forgiving and never stop. And then he gives this great parable to help us understand exactly what that means, because I'm sure they were like, What? Really that often? So I asked Michelle if she would tell us this story. That is the parable found in Matthew 18:23-35. So Michelle, walk us through.

Michael 37:54

Yes, so in this parable, and it begins with a king more or less wanting to collect his debts and record all his servants. He brings in a servant who owes 10,000 talents, which is a lot. I think I looked it up and it's about 200,000 years of work.

Tammy 38:13

Yeah, actually I'm so glad you said that. It should be an exaggerated amount, so the listener would say no. I mean it's ridiculous. It's like you're a kid and you have a trillion dollars, you know. It's kind of, yeah, right. Okay, go, go. You're good.

Michael 38:31

Um, so obviously he has a debt he can't pay. And so the Lord decided that he's going to do that, this Lord decided that he's going to throw him in prison. And this servant prays, don't beg him and says: Be patient with me, I will repay you. And the king is touched, he pities him and he forgives him, doesn't he? This insurmountable guilt. So when the servant is free, he goes to his own servant, someone who owes him money, bullies him a bit and says hey, you, you have to pay me back. He owes him 100 pence, which is pennies to the dollar compared.

Michel 39:07

The waiter asks the same question as he does and says: You know, bear with it, I'll pay you back. But there is no compassion in that person. And throws him in jail instead. He takes his wife, he takes his children, he takes his land and practically imprisons him until the debt is paid off. The king finds out - isn't too happy. And then it says in verse 34, Matthew 18: And the Lord, “And his Lord was angry, and handed him over to be afflicted, until he would pay all that I owed, and finally gave some to the tormentors, because he had no pity.

Tammy 39:49

Well, it's a tough story, isn't it? And when I say to us at the end, I mean if you go to verse 34, imagine that the Lord is angry with us. And again the word "torment". Isn't that fascinating? We leave ourselves in agony until we've paid everything that's due to him. And there is so much truth in that. It's the idea of ​​the spirit world, the spirit prison. In the end, everyone has to pay their debts. We can do it in this life or we can do it in the next. But everyone has to do it and be forgiven and go through the whole process. And it's just, even if it sounds a little strange, but it's easier now, according to Doctrine and Covenants section 19, it's just easier now. And so I want to know from you both, what are some tips? Or do you have any suggestions on how to do this, either how to forgive someone or how to forgive yourself for being a little less harsh or self-critical?

Interlace 40:49

But the latter is more difficult, right? Ultimately, I find it much more difficult to forgive yourself. Because yeah, I think for me personally, I hold myself, you know, I want to hold myself to a higher level. And that, and I think it's harder to give yourself grace, as you know Michelle has said before, honestly, the voice in your head can be so judgmental. So it has to be a continuous process, right? That's why we pray every day. Therefore, we are encouraged to read the scriptures every day and pray every day. That's why we have the opportunity to go to church and remember our baptismal covenant and talk about the forgiveness of sins, because that's the only way I can do this for myself. This requires daily reminders.

Tammy 41:57

Take another look at our childlike list of traits; What quality would help you forgive?

Jalyn 42:05

Be loving, be humble.

Michael 42:11

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And also a kind of patient.

Jalyn 42:12

Yes. Really patient right? Because you have to be patient with the mistakes of others.

Tammy 42:19

Oh, well, then you go to the meek - you are not easily offended.

Jalyn 42:22

Mmmmm Oh, that too. To the right?

Tammy 42:24

As we talked about. Not easy to offend, this activism, a reason to act, just to do something, to forgive.

Jalyn 42:32


Tammy 42:33


Michael 42:33

I think one thing I've learned lately to just let myself do is feel both. I think sometimes we tend to say to each other, well, if I've been forgiven, and I shouldn't be mad, and it shouldn't hurt me, and it shouldn't feel bad, and, and yada, yada, yeah . And that's hard. And it hurts. I believe if we allow ourselves to feel the emotions, you are a complex, eternal being, you can do both. You can still feel hurt, you can still get upset, it can still be incredibly difficult. But you can choose to forgive, or choose to let go and give evil a time and a season and then let it pass. Because that's really what forgiveness is, right? That doesn't mean nobody will ever hurt you, it will never hurt, everything just happens. No worries. As if that wasn't what the Lord says. But instead, you don't have to feel like this forever. To the right? If we just allow ourselves to feel it and let it be what it is, it becomes easier to put it down, put it down.

Jalyn 43:45

I like it. Well, and I think we have to let it keep going, right? Because there will be times when I'm like, oh yeah, I forgave him for that. And then you get angry and you're like, oh wait, I've already forgiven them. So you don't forgive people for helping them.

Tammy 44:03

To the right

Michelle 44:03

To the right

Jalyn 44:04

You forgive him for helping you, so you don't have to, you know, so you don't have to live with it. What, wasn't Elder Holland saying, you know, it's like drinking pickle juice and expecting them to suffer? To the right. As it is, there is no point in doing this. But you know, I also want to be very mindful of people who, you know, I've never been hurt or hurt in a way that some people have been. How do you know, luckily I don't know exactly how much force it would take

Tammy 44:43

I'm so glad you pointed this out.

Jalyn 44:45

Yes. For the people who have really suffered, you know, harmful things that just happened. Like you just sat with it and said, Hey, I'm really angry right now, and that's what anger feels like in my body. And here it takes 90 seconds to get over it. To the right? And then, you know, sit down, you have to process that feeling, and probably over and over again. So that you don't persevere, you don't keep taking the bitter pill. But I think the forgiveness part itself may take longer, or understandably for some people,

Tammy 45:29

That is certainly when time is on our side. And I really appreciated that Gerald Lund taught us a few weeks ago that the spirit world is still part of our second state. If we die in this life, it's not that, it's not that. It's not like that's all the options you have. And that's one of my favorite lessons in Joseph Smith history when Moroni came. He taught Joseph that the scriptures in Acts he was quoting had not yet happened. As if no one was cut off, people still have a chance to find things out. And as you said, that's why we have 1,000 years in the millennium to forgive. And yeah, so we don't think we should just do it now. We must give ourselves some mercy. And that there is a strength in doing things beyond what we can do on our own. We know this from the definition of grace that can only come from the Savior and is due to those who are childlike. Those are tough questions, aren't they? Super attentive. Okay, in the next segment we have a really stupid question. So we'll bring that with us next time.

Section 4 46:32


Tammy 46:47

Okay, so this is a true story. Speaking of kids asking questions, we've made a transition from toddler questions to big kid questions in my family. And tonight at dinner we got a big kid question. And the question came out of my 14-year-old daughter's mouth: Mom, Dad, have you ever had a negative balance on your checking account?

Tammy 47:11

Crickets chirped. we were like

Jalyn 47:12

I would never ask my parents that.

Tammy 47:14

I know Jim and I looked at each other and were like, uhhhh. And then we just started this whole conversation about credit cards, debit cards, fees when you get into debt, all these different things. And Jim tells the whole story because my husband works for a credit card company. And so it became a fantastic discussion. Questions. Yes, big questions. And some of the questions kids ask are so big you can't even answer them. To the right? are you both aunts Okay, have you ever been asked a big question that you thought I didn't know. What happens when, what happens when this question is asked? What do you say? do you invent things

Jalyn 47:55

No, no, because if they're old enough to ask that kind of question, I think she deserves it, you know, I don't really know. But here's what I think.

Tammy 48:07


Jalyn 48:07

Or because my nieces ask me questions. And like when they were little, or Jalyn, this big monologue is about an answer. And they kind of look at me: What? What are you talking about? I just wanted a little answer like shut up now. Like stop it But no, I think, I think and, and maybe I think sometimes, the answer is, you know, I have to come back to this because it's a big question that I have to think about how I'm going to answer it. But yeah, they - kids can just blow your mind with where you are, oops, where's that from?

Tammy 48:54

And you, Michelle? What do you do when they ask you?

Michel 48:56

I mean I ran into a problem. I mean, I have a cousin who's just plain boring, who just wants to ask questions that touch you deeply. We ate and she looks at me and says why are you my only aunt who doesn't have a husband? And I think okay. Thank you very much.

Tammy 49:12

That's a big question that you don't know the answer to.

Michael 49:15

And it sometimes happens that on the way they ask a question equal to six answers.

Tammy 49:20


Michael 49:21

And then I have to figure out how to get there without opening Pandora's box of endless "why?" And what is with this? Why why why? Like trying to make it dumb so we can jump right into it. But mostly I'm like you skipped eight building blocks of questions. We'll see how we get there. That's what I mostly encounter.

Jalyn 49:43

Wait until you're in a Primary class full of eight-year-olds and one of them asks this question and they say, well, why? Why? Like they're all starting to sink.

Tammy 49:54

Fast, fast, fast downward spiral.

Jalyn 49:56

Oh no I loved it, it was great. Conversation.

Tammy 49:59

OK. Turn to Luke chapter 10 with me. So now we're going to spend the rest of our time in Luke. And Jesus gets a very interesting question. So let's go Luke chapter 10 and we're going to verse 25. Grab your purple pencil or pen or marker and we're going to emphasize that particular question. And Jalyn, I want you to tell me what's unique about this particular question. And you're our question reader, so hit it, verse 25.

Interlace 50:26

Luke 10:25 "And behold, a teacher of the law arose and put him to the test, saying, Master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?"

Tammy 50:35

Okay, so here's the question, what do I have to do to inherit eternal life? But what words in this verse teach us about the kind of question he is asking?

Interlace 50:44

It says he seduced him?

Tammy 50:45

Yes. What does that mean?

Interlace 50:47

Well, just so you know, if you're a lawyer and you stand as an opposing party on the witness stand, at some point you're going to let them use their own words against him. So you want them to give you an answer that you can then turn around and pretend, but didn't you just say that's it? Because once you can, you know, no jury will believe what comes out of that person's mouth.

Tammy 51:21

Ah, excellent description of how this question was asked. That's what happens in verse 25. So when it says that he's a specific intercessor, you want to know that he's an intercessor for the law of the law of Moses. So he actually knows the answer to the question when he says, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" That's why the Savior says in verse 26, "What is written in the law?" You can refer to Deuteronomy 6:5; here the answer to the question is already there, so the Savior says, Now what is written in the law? "How do you read?" So he sends the question back to the attorney as: Well, you're the attorney for the law, it's imperative you know what the answer is. To the right?

Interlace 52:00

But it is the most brilliant cross-examination technique.

Michelle 52:07

Good answer Jesus. Good answer.

Interlace 52:08

Yes, because now the lawyer thinks he's going to catch him at his own words and leave, HaHA. And Jesus says: I thought you knew everything. Like you're the lawyer, why don't you know? And then He'll do it, He'll just lovingly use the same technique, back to, back to that particular attorney.

Tammy 52:33

Okay, so let's find out what the attorney said. Michelle, read verse 27.

Michael 52:38

27 And he answered and said, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.

Tammy 52:49

So it's Deuteronomy 6:5, you can just put a little parenthesis in there and put that scripture in there. So the lawyer recited the text as follows: Okay, here is the answer. And that's what the Lord says to him in verse 28. "And he said to him, 'You have answered well. But then we get verse 29. Now, Jalyn, read that and talk to us about that verse. What did the attorney say?

Jalyn 53:15

29 But wanting to justify himself, he said to Jesus, And who is my neighbor?

Tammy 53:20

What is unique about this verse? What is he doing here?

Jalyn 53:23

That is, willing to justify why he asked that question in the first place. So he wants to drill down. And means you can run entire processes based on the meaning of a word. To the right? What does neighbor actually mean? What does that mean? So, you know, he wants to nail the Lord down to something specific, like, is it within 10 houses of me? Is it in, you know, is that what I should do? Like, and I think, you know, we're looking at this particular lawyer who's really trying to frame the Lord.

Jalyn 54:08

But I think we all do it unintentionally ourselves. I'll do it myself where you are, just give me the parameters. I don't like it, you know what I mean? Oh yes, we like that. show me we love it show me the box And I think we always ask the church that too. where are the little lines And that's where it is, well, we'll leave that to you to find out; it is between you and the Lord. And that's why we have a desk, right? it is to discover some of it. So you know, before I look too hard at this attorney, I am. No, I, I can see this behavior in myself in a way. To the right? I just don't stand before the Lord and try to bring him down in front of everyone. I only want it in my private life. I

Tammy 55:04

Well I like this idea as you just taught us about parameters tell me where that fits. where is the box How does that fit together? Because Gerald Lund did a great job saying, especially in this story, when he asks who is my neighbor? What he really wants to say is: Who isn't my neighbor?

Jalyn 55:23

Hmm, who can't I love? Is it the man I forgave 490 times or what crazy calculation Michelle made in her head? Yes. You know. is it this person Just tell me who to hate I want, I want to put them on my list and go after them.

Tammy 55:44

Because when you're a little kid, who's a kid's neighbor?

Michel 55:48


Interlace 55:48


Michel 55:50

Everyone, they are friends with everyone. It's like camping. I don't know if any of you guys like camping when you grow up because if there's another kid at the campsite you'll say we're best friends. And we want to start a club and go on an adventure and you're seconds away.

Jalyn 56:02


Michelle 56:03

But it does not matter. Suddenly they are your best friends.

Tammy 56:06

To the right.

Jalyn 56:07


Tammy 56:08

Ah, that's exactly right. And what I mean, can you imagine if we could all be more like this? I remember - this is one of my favorite stories for my daughter Lilly - I put her in a ballet class. She was six years old and we borrowed a little leotard from my niece, cute little blue ones. And we, I combed her hair into a bun on top of her head. And she entered that ballet class without having danced before in her life, for the first time ever. It's downtown, right? Ballet class in the neighborhood. It was one of my favorite moments ever. She comes in and was a little late and there were all the girls standing in a circle. And everyone looked at her and said, huh, you're so beautiful. Come and be our friend! And they took their hands and pulled them in the circle and my heart melted. I thought oh my god if this isn't the best story I've ever heard. how to deal with everyone. Can you believe what she wears instead of everyone else? I mean just to acknowledge that you are so beautiful come and be our friend. I mean that's the most childish answer. Where we as adults are just talkative.

Michael 57:18

You know where is that adult policy now?

Jalyn 57:21

To the right?

Tammy 57:21

We need the "ballet politics"

Jalyn 57:24

You look at it, Michell. come in

Michael 57:25

Just tell me I'm beautiful and let's be friends

Tammy 57:26

You are beautiful.

Jalyn 57:26

You are not fat, you are beautiful. Now arrange the potato salad. (Laugh)

Tammy 57:31

That's your favorite Karina line, Karina? Isn't that the movie?

Jalyn 57:36

But yes. I love that you know

Tammy 57:37

rely on it. I learned this sentence from you. Here's another look at this whole neighborhood discussion. And that's from James E. Talmage in Jesus the Christ. And that's what he had to say about this young lawyer. Michelle, would you like to read this quote?

Michelle 57:52

"If he loved his neighbors as he loved himself, he would have as few neighbors as possible.

Michel 58:00

(Laughter) Ah, that's good, it's easier to love people when there are just fewer of them.

Tammy 58:07

I just find it so fascinating. Yes. Sadly, isn't that the truth about all of us as adults?

Jalyn 58:13


Tammy 58:14

Yes. So who isn't my neighbor?

Jalyn 58:18

But what makes me think is looking at how big our houses have gotten. And how our neighborhoods have kind of spread. At least here in the west and in the United States. But you know, you don't have to, now we live in houses where everyone has their own room and their own TV and their own, you know. You know, growing up and seven people and a half bathroom. As you know, you will fight your way through it. But I don't know, I don't know if it's relevant. It made me think it's easier. We have fewer neighbors in many ways.

Tammy 59:06

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We absolutely do. That's a true statement. And I think it's interesting because we have this setup here, who's my neighbor, who's not my neighbor? And this idea, are we trying to get rid of neighbors or are we going to invite more people? And then we find the answer to the Savior's question and the story He tells to help us understand exactly who our neighbors are. And we'll do that in the next part.

Segment 5 59:31


Tammy 59:46

All right, everyone, we're still in Luke chapter 10, and we start the story in verse 30. And I asked Jalyn to tell that story. Now. we are very familiar with it. Many of you will think I've heard this story before. But I want you to do this. As she tells the story, I want you to write down the names of all the characters in the story. this is your job So listen, write down the characters' names and Jalyn will kind of point them out as she tells the story, and then we'll go back to the list. Okay, are you ready Jalyn?

Jalyn 1:00:13


Tammie 1:00:14

hit it First tell us what to call the story, then give us the story.

Jalyn 1:00:21

Well, first of all, this is Jesus' answer to the lawyer about who your neighbor is. And that is the parable of the good Samaritan. And we've all known it well since we were in Primary. And it speaks of a man going from Jerusalem to Jericho, he went that way. I think it's a really long journey, about 18 miles, something ridiculous that would take about eight hours on foot. And Jerusalem is very high on a hill. So you go downhill and it's total desert. And sometimes there is only rough terrain, only outside in the heat, sometimes very few roads, very narrow paths. And as this man went this way, he fell into the hands of thieves. And the thieves stripped off his clothes, they wounded him, and then they went and left him half dead. And there were a few other people coming that way. And then in verse 31 the first man comes down, a priest walks past him and just goes the other side of the path. Verse 32, a Levite coming down. And if he sees him, he will also pass on the other side.

Jalyn 1:01:48

And then in verse 33 we have a Samaritan that we all know at this point in history - the Samaritans were very much despised by the Jews and the Israelites because they felt they were not of the pure lineage Christ belonged to. and had no right to the blessings of Abraham. But when that Samaritan sees him, he took pity on him, and he takes him, you heal all his wounds, he puts him on his mule or whatever animal he had with him. And then he took him to an inn and took care of him, and then he had to go. But he said to the landlord, you know, here's some money now. If I come back this way I'll drop by and if you've continued to look after him I'll pay for it. i will pay you for it

Tammie 1:02:49

Excellent. Great explanation of history. OK. So we have all the characters. Now let's go through and remake this story because I thought that was really, really cool. So you told us about Jericho, Jalyn, that was so cool. Jericho is the absolute lowest city on earth. It is 825 meters below sea level. I want you to think about it, here we are with our heavenly parents and we're coming to the lowest city on earth, right? This is the "autumn" we have here. This story is about all of us. And have we all fallen among thieves? Oh god, right? I like

Jalyn 1:03:31

Hello mortality.

Tammie 1:03:34

Oh, are you undressed? Are you hurt? At any point in your life, have you felt part of death and pronounced dead?

Jalyn 1:03:41

Same same.

Michelle 1:03:43


Tammie 1:03:43

I think verse 30 sums up our earthly experience perfectly. So here we are. We are on this earth and all our neighbors are everyone, everyone we know. And we're overtaken by a priest, by a Levite, but then we have a Samaritan. And the Samaritan is Jesus Christ because He has compassion, in verse 33. And we've learned this year that compassion drives the Savior to perform almost every miracle in the New Testament. That means he felt sorry for that person. So this word is a very important word. So the Samaritan is the Savior. The Savior binds up our wounds. I like this idea of ​​pouring oil. Wine is a symbol of the blood of Christ. Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. He puts him on his beast, which is really interesting because the Samaritan or the Savior can't ride the beast now. But he will walk next to the man on the beast.

Jalyn 1:03:43


Tammie 1:03:51

if he takes him to the inn, right? So the Savior walks with us. He takes him to an inn for food and lodging. And here's the cool thing about verse 35: He gives it to the host. Who is the host now? And that's the story. i am the host How many times has the Savior brought neighbors or people to me and then told me beware of him.

Jalyn 1:04:59

And I'll pay you when you come back.

Tammie 1:05:01

Yes indeed. And then I'll cover whatever you need. I just find it so powerful that Who's My Neighbor? It means nothing. The one I bring you is your neighbor and I want you to take care of him. But what's so important about worry is that it's different for everyone. Michelle will take care of someone very differently than I will. jalyn We all have our skills. But the thing is, the Lord needs us all to work together like this group of ballerina girls, right? The ballerina group got together and then just helped each other out. What can I do? I mean, I thought about this story and all the people in my life and how they would do that.

Tammie 1:05:40

You know, I made a list that Holly would tickle the person's back; Farley would make him a very nice meal. I just laughed while making this list. Susan would show the utmost empathy and coordinate help 24 hours a day. HB, she would do all the research in the world to find the most effective way to heal the person and she would get the materials needed. My friend Amy, she would locate the family, discover their favorite foods, their favorite snacks, and all their home cooking. Sarah, she wanted to hear this person's endless stories. And then she would look for outstanding amounts and pay them without anyone noticing. Brown and her kids would bake the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever eaten. And she would bring you pajamas because everyone needs pajamas when they get better. To the right?

Jalyn 1:06:22


Tammie 1:06:23

If you came to my house, you would be lying in a bed whose sheets smelled of lint and down. And I want to give you clean towels and let you shower for an hour no matter how long it takes you. And I find it so funny to think of everyone in my life that I knew could take care of. And who is doing that, my neighbors, and I want you to think at this point in your life, what are you all doing, how would you take care of him? What are your strengths?

Michelle 1:06:50

I, you know, growing up with everyone who knew me - I think people who still know me now - I was an extreme talker. Like there's not an ounce of stillness, I guess I'll just fill it, it's okay. I just want to start talking about something. Um, but I had a roommate that really taught me the ability to listen, to just be in the moment with people. And another skill I have is just being genuine, and that comes with empathy. I don't want to downplay anything. I am exactly what you see, exactly what you get from me. And I think about how we talked before about letting those emotions feel and making things real. And sitting in it with people is my specialty.

Jalyn 1:07:39

Oh that is good. That's a good one. Being able to hold space for people is a tremendous skill. And not many have. I won't lie, I'm very stingy with my time, but I'll throw money at the problem all day long.

Tammie 1:07:56

You can believe that. Hello,

Jalyn 1:07:57

I want you to give them a prime room. If you feed him, you do all this. And I wanted to cry. I would be, oh my god, poor thing. Preferably not where they are. But I would feel every bit of pain they would feel. Yes

Tammie 1:08:13

Yes, these are their spiritual gifts. She fills in all the fields. You always could. Yes, I was thinking of you here: Jalyn fills in the blanks.

Michelle 1:08:21


Tammie 1:08:23

let me ask you this now Has anyone ever taken care of you?

Michelle 1:08:27

I have a really hard time accepting help. I pride myself on being a very self sufficient girl. And I like doing everything. I can't, I don't like the idea of ​​incriminating anyone else. I want to find out. It is in order. Just put it on me Let's see what those shoulders can hold, honey. Like you just turn it on. You know, I'm the workhorse of the pioneer tribe, born and raised to carry just about anything. And at one point I was really struggling and life just seemed awful and hard. And I remember randomly texting a guy in my department saying, 'Hey, can I just be a blessing? What for me how you write it in the abyss and you say well I hope you're alright. I like

Jalyn 1:09:13

That's vulnerability, right?

Tammie 1:09:15


Jalyn 1:09:15

It's a big vulnerability because it's so hard for me

Michelle 1:09:19

Yes, and you want, just wait for her answer. And of course at some point you start saying, you know what, if it's impractical don't even worry about it, I'll take care of it.

Jalyn 1:09:26

Doesn't matter. No pressure.

Michelle 1:09:27

Doesn't matter. It's yes, it's okay. Um, and then I went to their house and we talked and I remember in the middle of the blessing or at the end of the blessing like the weight just wasn't released. As if there were nothing else like it, this is your solution from the Lord. That's not how heaven usually speaks to me, but like me, just the amount of relief that resulted. And it was care I didn't expect. I think I expected from: Your sport will do well; You don't have to worry about that. Our Heavenly Father loves you. Illuminated.

Jalyn 1:10:01


Michelle 1:10:03

But instead it wasn't. It was as if the Lord took away the emotions. And I mean, in hindsight, it would have been something. I'm a weeper, that's it, it's one of my spiritual gifts to just cry to myself about things. And I couldn't even muster the emotion to be sad at the end. And I will never forget that relief.

Tammie 1:10:27

wow no

Jalyn 1:10:29

I wonder Michelle, people like you and me. As I have often thought about it, how many times have we blocked our own blessings because we were not vulnerable enough to ask for them?

Tammie 1:10:43


Jalyn 1:10:43

And I think, you know, asking for a priesthood blessing or asking someone to minister to us in some way that I think is childish, right? It's humiliating enough to say, K, I need help here, you know? And I'm just wondering how often our heavenly Father is like that, girl, if you'd just ask me?

Tammie 1:11:08


Jalyn 1:11:09

If you just wanted to ask, you know? Not that he wouldn't be willing to provide that. But it's my agency and being able to humiliate myself enough, you know, to really, really ask. Also

Tammie 1:11:23


Jalyn 1:11:24

You know. I, I get that. And, and what, knowing that we don't even ask for help like you give the Samaritan, the Levite, the priest, whoever a chance to serve in any way they can.

Michelle 1:11:38

Nobody gets a chance.

Jalyn 1:11:38

Yes, nobody gets a chance. Yes.

Tammie 1:11:40

Now, and it goes back to Luke chapter 10. And it's verse 37. And he said, because he asked the question in verse 36, “Which of these three do you think was his neighbor who fell into the hands of thieves fell? 37 And He said: “He who showed mercy to him. Then Jesus said to him, "Go and do the same." I find it interesting when he says, "He who showed him mercy," meaning the Samaritan. And the army was blessed like the army.

Jalyn 1:12:08


Tammie 1:12:09

The man was blessed. And the innkeeper, like the innkeeper, should have shown some measure of mercy to look after him, even if he had to be paid. But the host still had to do everything the Samaritan originally did. Who will continue to nurse his wounds, who will feed him knowing he will repay? But we're the ones getting paid back. It's ours

Jalyn 1:12:26


Tammie 1:12:26

That's what we believe as a people. Oh I do it for the blessing. I know I will be blessed. I don't know how yet. Just like we think we get paid to serve. And it's so strong there. Then do this. For those of you listening, find a sticky note, find a card, and just write in capital letters, "Take care of him." Let that be your motto for the week. Look for opportunities because the Lord has compassion on each of us. And we all need help. And look for opportunities where you can do that, where the Lord brings someone to you and says take care of them. And the promises are that you will be blessed. So thank you both for the great discussion about this. And Jalyn to retell that story.

Jalyn 1:13:06

I would also like to point out that the attorney is sometimes the other character in the story, right? And the lawyer who starts out all cocky and I think I'll catch him doing it. In the end he doesn't hesitate. As if he were humble

Tammie 1:13:24


Jalyn 1:13:24

through this story. And he immediately recognizes the truth and says that it was he who showed mercy. That's right. And then, as it is there, there's salvation and hope for all of us, even though we're in it, oh yeah?

Tammie 1:13:39

The worst of all of us.

Jalyn 1:13:40

who can i hate

Tammie 1:13:42

I love it.

Jalyn 1:13:45


Tammie 1:13:45

oh so good Okay, we learn so much from the questions that are asked. What is the intellectual development of your men? Are you feeling a little mature while we've been talking about this?

Tammie 1:13:55

No, I feel a bit more childish.

Tammie 1:13:57

A little dumber. Yes absolutely.

Michelle 1:13:57

The more I know, the less I know.

Jalyn 1:13:59

Childish. It should feel like this, yes.

Tammie 1:14:00

Okay, we have one last question to examine before we make a final assessment of our intellectual development. And we will answer that question in the next segment.

Segment 6 1:14:08


Tammie 1:14:23

I'll start by saying that I've been working on this story for years. I hate how it's told. I don't like songs written about it. And I just want to blow it out of the water because it makes me sick! (Laughter) What do you think of this setup?

Michelle 1:14:37

She takes over.

Tammie 1:14:39

I was ashamed of this story.

Jalyn 1:14:40


Tammie 1:14:40

OK. By the way, from verses 38-42 in Luke chapter 10. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to give you a script and I want you to tell me your reaction right away. Complete? Here we go. We just finished the morning session of General Conference. There's a knock at your door, you open it. They are the prophet and the apostles and they are hungry and need lunch. What are you doing?

Jalyn 1:15:03

I'm panicking. I'm panicking. i walk around I'm trying to put together a deli. I mean it's a conference. So that means there are plates and rugs all over the house pushing everything in the closet to make it presentable. That's what I do.

Tammie 1:15:22

Oh yeah. And you're in your pajamas.

Jalyn 1:15:25


Tammie 1:15:26

Forget this point.

Jalyn 1:15:27

The cinnamon roll frosting probably got slammed down one side of my face.

Tammie 1:15:31

Okay, what's your, what's your reaction, Michelle?

Michelle 1:15:34

(Video) Lec-17: What is SDT(Syntax Directed Translation) & its Applications | Semantic Analysis

Ugh, I probably wanted a nice smile. As if it would be so nice of you to come. Would you like some nachos? Because it was our Sunday goal right after church, fastest thing imaginable. It's like, spread out the chips, add some cheese, fry and it's an appetizer. And the Ninas, try to think something from there. Just raid every closet, throw a blanket over the things you can't hide. Like there's a blanket over it, nobody can see it.

Tammie 1:16:03

OK. I want all of us to have that mindset because that's exactly the scenario and setting for this story in Luke 10:38. Let's start with this verse, let's go. OK. We'll start with Michelle, and then when we get to the question verse, Jalyn, let's read it to you. So Michelle, begin the story for us in verse 38.

Michelle 1:16:22

10:38 And it came to pass, as they were going, that he came into a village, and a woman whose name was Martha took him into her house.

Tammie 1:16:31

Okay, it's in verse 38 where it says "as they went." We talk about Jesus and the apostles. Okay, so they're coming to Martha's house. I love it. It says: "Martha received her in her house." It's her house, ladies, don't we love it? We don't know if Martha is married, we don't know if she is a single girl. But we do know that she has a house. And then they come to her house, so that says a lot about her. Read on verse 39, Michelle,

Michelle 1:16:57

39 And she had a sister named Mary, who also sat at Jesus' feet and heard his words.

Tammie 1:17:03

Okay, underline "also". Because when it says "sat at the feet of Jesus" it implies that Martha is also like Mary who sits at the feet of Jesus. The Greek interpretation of "founded by" means to be taught and to be taught. Here we go. So we know that Mary and Martha were taught and taught at the feet of the Redeemer. Jalyn, please read verse 40, because there's a question here.

Jalyn 1:17:30

40 But Martha found it difficult to minister much, and she came to him and said, Lord, do you not like that my sister has left me to minister alone? So ask her to help me.

Tammie 1:17:41

K, underline the question. So basically, Jalyn, come on, what's going on here? What did Martha say to the Savior?

Jalyn 1:17:47

Are you kidding me? Like I'm the one running around doing whatever it takes to feed your 12. can i get help Can a sister shake hands?

Jalyn 1:17:57

I believe this church belongs all to Martha; who can. Am I right?

Jalyn 1:18:02


Tammie 1:18:03

All Marthas raised your hand.

Jalyn 1:18:09


Michelle 1:18:10

The church could be the doer.

Tammie 1:18:12

Exactly the makers. She is, she is, and rightly so, she has every right to ask that question. can you ask mary to help me OK. Then we have the Savior's answer in verses 41 and 42. And here's the lesson. So Michelle, please continue reading verse 41 for us.

Michelle 1:18:30

41 And Jesus answered and said to her, Martha, Martha, you are anxious and anxious about many things.

Tammie 1:18:37

Underline the word "caution". In Greek, the word "cautious" means "overly concerned about." So he says Martha, Martha. You are overly concerned and worry about many things. Okay, again, Marthas, raise your hands. Who is my Martha, right?

Michelle 1:18:54

show me a woman

Tammie 1:18:55

Of course I am. But tell me about verse 41 where he says her name twice. What does something like that mean?

Jalyn 1:19:02

I don't know, you know, I don't know what that means. But to me it feels like a pat on the back from a crazy woman. just sit down You know? Like a man telling you to calm down or relax.

Michelle 1:19:18

Ah, the worst.

Jalyn 1:19:19

But because it feels condescending to us; but I think he's more like, I don't know, you're my student.

Tammie 1:19:29


Jalyn 1:19:30

To the right. Like I'm in the role of a teacher or little older, but he's definitely her, her boss, isn't he? as far as the gospel goes.

Tammie 1:19:44

I like it. I like it the way you just described it. OK. So he says yes you are very worried about things. Absolutely. You can bet she's 100%. And then Michelle read verse 42.

Michelle 1:19:57

42 But one thing is necessary: ​​And Mary chose the good part that should not be taken from her.

Tammie 1:20:03

Okay, so the word "necessary" means "necessary" or "benefit" in Greek. So he's saying a thing is necessary or a thing you should use. And then we have "Maria chose the good part". Now, "the good part" in Greek means "inherently good part", "inherently good". It's not saying she chose the better part, let's get that straight because I can't, I don't like the way it's been interpreted to suggest it's better than what Martha chose has. He says that what Maria chose is inherently good, which should not be taken away from her. What does he want to tell us all with this story? Why are we including it here? Should all Marthas feel bad about their work?

Michelle 1:20:48

I hope not

Tammie 1:20:49

I don't think it is.

Jalyn 1:20:49

No, I think it's, I think it's an abuse of, you know, sitting at the Savior's feet, so to speak. I mean, I, I think we've all been around people who were under too much stress, right? Do you have a sister like me - bless her heart, she knows who she is. - who are stressed about everything. But that's also her greatest strength, because she could take care of you, and before cell phones, she could have located your GPS coordinates, I don't know how. Really good skills, having those skills from Martha is really good. But I think we've all been around these people desperately trying to do something, right? And the people they serve, or they just sit back, relax, we're fine, we're not starving now. Throw in some nachos and you'll be fine. As you know, it doesn't have to be this 12-course edition. To the right?

Jalyn 1:21:01

And it reminds me of Relief Society or Church back when it was very checklist oriented, right? You have to do this, this, this and this. And that was very devastating, wasn't it? The church wouldn't be true if it didn't have a lace tablecloth on, you know, the Relief Society table. So you know, often concerned about that and the temporal things instead of just partaking of the eternal things. And the good thing about it, and not necessarily that it's better, because you definitely need the other stuff, right?

Tammie 1:22:59


Jalyn 1:22:59

But, but often we do it at the expense of the better.

Tammie 1:23:05

Yes. Michelle, what does that tell you as Martha?

Michelle 1:23:08

Um, so that actually reminded me of an experience. I work in baptism in the Jordan River, helping youth baptize for the dead. And there was an experience, I worked at the well and distributed towels. And the schedules are very tight, aren't they? We try to get a lot of people through and make sure everyone is having a good time. And there was that, there was a brother baptizing, he was probably barely 16. And he was very slow and thoughtful in his speech. And one of the top temple workers came in and he said, hey, you know, we gotta get him out of here. Let's trade him next. It's gonna take too long, we're going backwards. And I remember just feeling like this is his experience and he's getting all the time he needs.

Jalyn 1:23:58


Michelle 1:23:59

That's what I have to think about when I think of Mary in this situation, and you? Of these it is less, oh, it is generally needed. But this is necessary for Mary. And she can take the time she needs. And I think that's something that's so true in my life as I'm learning from the Lord and struggling through things. Sometimes I get angry that it hasn't happened before and things aren't moving forward, that we're not moving forward. Because I just want to do it and I just want to finish it. But I have to remember that this is my experience and I can take my time with it. So that's what the Savior wants from us, isn't it? So that's what it reminds me of. Am I still frustrated like the Martha guy, like, okay, but can we last five minutes and then be done? Can we limit this in time? It's still the natural man in me. But, but it reminds me to slow down, and if you don't slow down, you're going to miss it, aren't you? It's, that says it in a way, that it's going to pass so quickly. I mean, if you think about it, the Savior is really only there for a brief moment in His mortal life. If we don't slow down, we're going to miss it.

Tammie 1:25:07

Well, he's only a few months away from his crucifixion. Yes, it's almost over for him. Actually, I really like how you just said it, Michelle. Take the time you need, for you know He in no way belittled Martha; He didn't say you would do well to sit down with Mary and just listen to what I have to say. Why don't you just calm down and come and listen to e.g.

Jalyn 1:25:58


Tammie 1:25:28

He didn't say that. Yes. He just said, "But Mary, I liked that ending for us, but one thing is necessary. Circle “the one” there. The "one thing is necessary" and He says "the only thing" is me. That's all that is needed here. And this time it is not taken from her; just give her as much time as she needs. And I really like that, Michelle. And he doesn't say what Maria, what Martha does, is not important because it is important. She has, she knows she has people to feed. But as a rescuer, I can feed these people; give me, you know, give me two fish and five loves and I'll be fine. We've done that before, should work.

Tammie 1:26:09

And it kind of reminds me of this new impulse to let the young people lead now. It's really hard for a lot of people because I love how Neil Marriott taught Sister Marriott at a young women's training many years ago, "No more backup brownies." If your girls don't get what they said, so be it. OK. That's exactly the whole Mary principle. Let them learn from this experience, they will be fine. And I like that, because for me the application here is exactly that. Like letting these young people lead, for example, because they “need one thing” to learn to lead, to be responsible, and now it's on the time to do so. And we learn all these moments in our lives. And I love it, I really do, Michelle. Take your time. Everything you need.

Jalyn 1:26:54

Giving time to others is like that for me too, because I guarantee you I would have been the brother who thought, come on, come on. You get things rolling. We want to get these people through there. And I'm thinking on the other side too, Michelle, what you said about that, I wonder how many of the kids that were doing it for the first time or watching it that day said, ah, that's not what prayer says? Or do you know who would come back, even the people on the other side of the veil are waiting. Maybe they were, oh, good. Now I can go downstairs and take a minute instead of feeling like I'm in the auction office and getting crushed no matter what time it is.

Michelle 1:27:29


Tammie 1:27:39

8 seconds!. Look at your list. Check out the list we made at the beginning. What childlike quality do you think Martha would have needed to receive the Savior's answer?

Michelle 1:27:50

Probably a good deal of gentleness.

Jalyn 1:27:54


Tammie 1:27:55

absolutely give.

Jalyn 1:27:57

And patience, right?

Tammie 1:27:58


Jalyn 1:27:59

They needed some patience.

Tammy 1:28:00


Jalyn 1:28:01

As if you should have been very submissive. It would be like, oh yeah, you're right. Forgiveness.

Tammie 1:28:06

Yes. All good answers. So now I like the story a lot more than the way we tell it. Because what Mary chose is no better. That's what she needed. And it's just a reminder to all of us what is needed for us. And that's what I like: taking all the time we need because it can't be taken from us. So,

Jalyn 1:28:25

And give others the time they need. For me, the lesson is to allow others. Yes.

Tammie 1:28:31

Amen. Ouch. Well it is you. This is the end of our episode. This is our discussion. Michelle. you were awesome It was wonderful. Okay, so take a moment to organize your thoughts. And what do you have for takeaway today? Check out everything we've discussed. The three stories, four stories. And when you've done that, give us a quick two-set takeaway.

Michelle 1:28:56

I think my takeaway is the Good Samaritan story, not only will the Lord pay me right away, he'll pay me more than I ever thought I needed. I think that's something I need in my life, right? Because life is hard, it's hard to remember that the Lord will come and pay us back for what we've done to care for one another. But the blessings will always come back to you, that's a guarantee that just can't be broken.

Tammie 1:29:32

um Yes. I put it right in my scriptures next to verse 35. And like you said he'll be back. Oh that is good.

Jalyn 1:29:40

It was very good. That's what I wanted to say, good Samaritan. Like I honestly never missed that day in seminary when it was like Christ and we came down from heaven and got hit and hurt and broken. And the other conclusion is that I've never liked to sit, I just wrote down all those qualities. I mean we know the scriptures right? And I could go a little bit, you know, the men and stuff, but just to look at it, you know, writing about those qualities and thinking about what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are in that? I'll stick this list on my fridge and work on it. So

Michelle 1:29:42

It's great, great takeaway.

Interlace 1:30:00

I like it. Mine was verse 42: Go ahead and take whatever time you need. And that's why Jalyn, I love how you stepped in and gave other people the time they needed. For the one need, for Christ, for all the different stages, the one part.

Jalyn 1:30:44

It's a little smarter. I feel spiritually wiser, okay, in the fact that instead of being an adult, I'm becoming childish, so that's it. It's wisdom. To the right? Such a,

Jalyn 1:31:19


Jalyn 1:31:19

There is a difference between being smart and being smart. And you can live your life as intelligently as you want. But I think it takes wisdom to know that you don't know. And becoming like a little kid, so yes.

Tammie 1:31:36

And you, Michelle?

Michelle 1:31:37

Um, yes, I wanted to repeat that. I may not feel any wiser, but I feel a little wiser when I think about being a mindful child and turning to seeing it as positive and not negative.

Tammie 1:31:54

Sounds good. Thank you ladies. boy i love you both

Jalyn 1:31:58

Thanks Tam, that was good.

Michelle 1:32:00

i love you tam

Tammie 1:32:01

OK. Well I want to know how is your intellectual development? Are you feeling more childish or more mature? Leave a message on Instagram or Facebook. I would like to know what you think of this discussion and even of your findings. And if you haven't joined our discussion group on Facebook or Instagram yet, do so. It's a great place to share what you've learned during the week. You can even ask questions, I'll try to answer them. And every week at the end of the week on Saturday we post a question from that particular episode. Then comment on the post on this lesson and share your reaction and thoughts. You can go to both our Facebook and Instagram by going to the show notes for this episode at LDS living.com/sunday on Monday and it's not a bad idea to go there anyway because we have links to the references there we will have used today, as well as a full transcript, and a transcript of this entire discussion. And we will have a glue for this episode so check it out.

Tammie 1:32:50

The Sunday on Monday Study Group is an original Deseret Bookshelf Plus brought to you by LDS Living. It was written and hosted by me, Tammy Uzelac Hall, and today our incredible study group participants were Michelle Bury and Jalyn Peterson. And on Monday, you can learn more about these friends at LDS living.com/sunday. Our podcast is produced by Cole Wissinger and myself; It was edited by Hailey Higham and recorded and mixed by Mix At Six Studios. And our executive producer is Erin Hallstrom. Thank you for your presence. Until next week.

Tammie 1:33:17

And don't forget, dear little children, that you are God's darling.

Jalyn 1:33:21

"Gospel Groupies"?; she is my new favorite.

Michelle 1:33:27

We make t-shirts. It's going to be one thing: "Gospel Groupies".

Jalyn 1:33:32

We would!

Tammie 1:33:33


Transcribed fromhttps://otter.ai

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What must I do to inherit eternal life Luke 10? ›

To obtain eternal life, I must love God and love my neighbor as myself. It is helpful to remember that the parable of the good Samaritan was Jesus's way of answering two questions: “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” and “Who is my neighbour?” (Luke 10:25, 29).

What does Jesus say we must do to inherit eternal life? ›

Testify that to receive eternal life, we must be willing to put away the things of the world and serve the Lord with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.

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Eternal life traditionally refers to continued life after death, as outlined in Christian eschatology.

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Jesus' answer is,
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  • 'Come, follow me'
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Who is asking Jesus what he needs to do to inherit eternal life in the story the parable of the Good Samaritan? ›

Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” “What is written in the Law?” he replied. “How do you read it?” He answered, “'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.

What are the requirements for entering the kingdom of God? ›

Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3); “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God” (John 3:5).

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So Jesus expanded the metaphor, and in John 10:9-10, makes it very clear: “I am the door; if anyone enters by me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

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In John 3:36, Jesus said, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.” That sounds a lot like what Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me.”


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