12 Advantages and disadvantages of correlational research studies (2023)

A correlation research study uses the non -experimental method in which the measurement of two variables appears.

It is like when a child plays the music of an ice cream. There is a direct relationship between hearing and the elimination of the vehicle in its current location. The child knows if he is using the data in this situation if he takes his money, his parents after some orThey don't mind making an effort.

The advantages and disadvantages of a correlative research study help us look for variables that seem to interact with each other. If one of these variables changes, you have an idea of how the other will change.

List of the advantages of a correlation research study

1. None of the variables goes through a manipulative process.
If you choose a correlative research study to verify the variables, no manipulative process will be performed. The variables are measured.

2. Two different data acquisition methods are available with correlation search.
The data collected from a correlative research study can come from a naturalistic observation or file data. Being to observe that there is a considerable risk of changing behaviors. If participants remain in the anonymity of work done in a public environment, this isAn ethical approach.

The second option is based on the use of previous research efforts. The information is not complicated, allowing researchers to access certain points that can lead to a better understanding of possible variables in any situation.

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3. The results of the correlation search are better applicable.
As there is a correlative research study in real -life situations, data collected from this work is usually more applicable to daily meetings. They do not need to try to extrapolate the results of a laboratory in something in the routine of average works.

Even if researchers do not know people or situations examined with correlation research, their results are still applicable to the scenarios to verify.

4. It offers an initial advantageous position for research.
If a correlative research study begins to examine certain relationships or phenomena to determine if the connections are available, the variables offer an excellent starting position to start the review.

It is not uncommon for researchers to create new options for future studies due to the amount of data. In most situations, these studies offer much more information to check than a simple experiment.

5. Researchers can determine the direction and strength of each relationship.
The variables that are examined with correlation research help us find the direction and strength of each relationship. This includes direct observation or occurs with an additional review through data perspectives.

This advantage creates the opportunity to discover new relationships between phenomena that seem to have no existing connections. This process helps us learn more about the world and specific situations than when other research methods were used.


6. A research method is useful in correlation research.
Some methods for correlative research studies may benefit from the use of research to collect information on a specific topic. As the variables examined are not yet under the control of researchers, they may show the presence of a relationship between them.accessible to search for possible results and results when examining certain contact points.

7. The results of a correlation research study are easy to classify.
A correlation research study uses the "correlation coefficients" called to measure the strength of the relationship between the variables. It can be between 1.00 and 1.00.

  • Positive correlation shows that both variables increase or decrease at the same time. A coefficient that is approaching 1.00 shows the strongest correlation for this result.
  • One negative correlation indicates that the other decreases with one variable. If the coefficient of -1.00 approaches, this is the expected result.
  • If the coefficient is zero, this result indicates that there is no correlation between the two variables.

List of disadvantages of a correlation research study

1. Correlation research only discovers relationships.
The advantage of a correlative research study is that you can discover relationships that are not known so far. What it does not offer is a conclusive reason for this connection to exist. The connections between phenomena to see how everyone influences each other.That a change can create additional alternatives may be an advantage when looking for unique results, but it answers the question why this is sometimes necessary for research.

Correlation does not correspond to causality if this study method is used.

2. It will not determine which variables have the greatest influence.
A correlative research study can help determine connections that share variables with a certain phenomenon. What cannot result in this work, the information on which the variable is responsible for influencing the other. They can know that more prosperity housesThey also have a higher level. From education, but it cannot determine if it is training that leads to additional prosperity.

This means that correlation for a particular variable should be accepted or sent to another research method to collect the necessary data.

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3. Correlation research can be a time consumption process.
Although the advantages of a correlative research study may be huge, it can also be expensive and time to achieve a result. The only way to collect data is to record direct interactions or observe the variables in question. It should be an exhaustive appearance.Before it is possible to determine an exact coefficient. The method of naturalistic observation is seen more often, but can be applied to all efforts in this category.

4. External variables may affect the information.
There is no guarantee that the additional influences of the correlative research study remain out. There are unique results that affect the work. If, for example, the child and the return of the ice rink, the presence of difficult winds may seem that if thevehicle is closer or eliminating more than it really is.

Another problem that fits this disadvantage is the awareness of an observer's issues. As some people try to provide or reject data for specific results.

5. Results can be affected by the quality of work.
The quality of work during a correlative research study determines the usefulness of the collected data. If research problems do not provide sufficient triggers to generate information, time and money spending on effort are wasted. There is some flexibility, the lack of representation in the selected sampleIt can achieve lower results that researchers can lead to an incorrect study course.


Most correlative research studies are in the field of psychology. It is a preliminary way to collect information about a specific topic or a certain situation where experimentation is not possible for any reason. It can also be determined in some relationships to determine if there area coefficient.

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The variables themselves are not under the control of researchers;Therefore, this method of study can sometimes be problematic, which is also the reason why it can be a popular way to consider certain data points.

Although the advantages and disadvantages of a correlative research study do not show why there are relationships, at least it can determine its existence, so it is often considered a worthwhile investment, even if there are sometimes cheaper methods.

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What are the advantages of correlational research? ›

Conclusion: Findings from correlational research can be used to determine prevalence and relationships among variables, and to forecast events from current data and knowledge.

What is a disadvantage of correlational study? ›

Limitations. A general limitation of a correlational study is that it can determine association between exposure and outcomes but cannot predict causation.

What is the advantage of correlation? ›

Some of the most notorious benefits of correlation analysis are: Awareness of the behavior between two variables: A correlation helps to identify the absence or presence of a relationship between two variables. It tends to be more relevant to everyday life.

What is a disadvantage of correlational research quizlet? ›

Disadvantages of correlational studies. Impossible to make cause-effect conclusions, possibility of a third variable which is a major limitation in correlational studies, sometimes it is easier to identify a pattern to the results when presented graphically (eg.

What is the largest disadvantage of correlational research quizlet? ›

The majour disadvantage of correlational research is that it cannot find cause-effect relationships between two variables.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of multiple correlation? ›

Advantages- multiple correlation provides better prediction about a variable as compared to simple correlation because it is based on three or more variables. this also helps in making better decisions. Disadvantages- This method needs lot of calculation can can't be easily understood by a layman.

What is a significant disadvantage of the correlational approach? ›

A significant disadvantage of the correlational approach is that it: Does no provide evidence of casue and effet. After conducting an experiment, Dr. Fitzpatrick concluded that there was a statistically significant difference between the scores of the experimental and control groups.

What is a disadvantage of an experiment? ›

Experiments require a great deal of technology to conduct, which makes them more expensive to conduct than other types of studies.

What is the greatest disadvantage of correlational research? ›

Correlational research can be a time-consuming process.

That means numerous scenarios must receive a thorough look before it is possible to determine an accurate coefficient. The naturalistic observation method sees this disadvantage most often, but it can apply to every effort in this category.

What is negative and positive correlation with example? ›

Positive correlation is regarded as when both the variables move in same direction. Example- income and expenditure of consumer is positively correlated. Negative correlation is regarded as when both the variables move in opposite directions. Example- price and quantity demanded of a commodity.

What are the 7 properties of correlation? ›

  • Mean/Median/Mode.
  • Independent/Dependent Variables.
  • Deviation.
  • Correlation.
  • Sampling.
  • Distributions.
  • Probability.
Apr 24, 2017

What makes a correlation positive or negative? ›

A positive correlation exists when two variables operate in unison so that when one variable rises or falls, the other does the same. A negative correlation is when two variables move opposite one another so that when one variable rises, the other falls.

What are three limitations of correlation? ›

What are some limitations of correlation analysis? Correlation can't look at the presence or effect of other variables outside of the two being explored. Importantly, correlation doesn't tell us about cause and effect. Correlation also cannot accurately describe curvilinear relationships.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of experimental method? ›

List of Advantages of Experimental Research
  • It gives researchers a high level of control. ...
  • It allows researchers to utilize many variations. ...
  • It can lead to excellent results. ...
  • It can be used in different fields. ...
  • It can lead to artificial situations. ...
  • It can take a lot of time and money. ...
  • It can be affected by errors.

Which of the following is a major advantage of correlational studies quizlet? ›

Which of the following is a major advantage of correlational studies, one of the basic research designs in the field of personality psychology? They allow people to identify relationships among variables as they occur naturally.

What are the advantages of correlation and regression? ›

Correlation and regression analysis aids business leaders in making more impactful predictions based on patterns in data. This technique can help guide business processes, direction, and performance accordingly, resulting in improved management, better customer experience strategies, and optimized operations.

What is the biggest problem with correlation research quizlet? ›

What is the biggest limitation in natural correlation research? A causal relationship cannot be inferred. All of these are features of an internally valid experiment EXCEPT: the experimental and control groups differ on at least one third variable.

What is the main disadvantage of descriptive correlational research? ›

since researchers cannot control variables of interest, conclusions concerning cause and effect relationships are not appropriate. it cannot be used to study some research questions for practical or ethical reasons.


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